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Virtual Reading Period: Ideas for On and Off Campus

It's (finally) the last day of classes, and you've got a solid week of Reading Period ahead before finals actually kick in. How do you spend these few precious days? Our writer has some top ideas to fill the void, whether you're on campus or off!

6 Things to Do Instead of Paying Attention in Class

With just a few days of classes left, actually forcing ourselves to pay attention is feeling... impossible. Well, we've got some go-to ideas to fill your time instead of listening to your professor during your last classes of the week.

We Solved the Class of 2025 Housing Problem

For those who may be wishing for the spacious single suites you've gotten so used to during this Covid year... get ready for a bit of a change. With this year's new huge freshmen class, Harvard’s going to be playing Tetris fitting all these students into dorms. No worries! We've got some ~creative~ solutions for housing this record-breaking class.

Rest In Peace, Finance Bro Patagonias

Did you feel a shift in the universe as you donned your favorite salmon-shorts-plus-Canada-Goose prep casual combo? As of last week, Patagonia announced plans to “transition away” from adding additional non-removable logos to its products.

What Harvard Students Say vs. What They Mean

When you arrive at Harvard, you might be unaware of the distinct phrases students say that have a different meaning than their literal definitions. It is a learned language that one has to assimilate to; however, once you get the hang of it, you never forget it. Webster—I mean—Flyby has your definitions ready!

Harvard Houses (Taylor's Version)

It’s been nearly two whole weeks since Taylor Swift released her re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), which means Swifties everywhere are bored out of their minds. To help with that, Flyby has created the only vibe chart you need. Who cares about which House you’re in when you could be a Taylor Swift album instead? Baby, just say yes! our picks ;)

8 Pandemic Phrases That Would Normally be Bizarre

Today’s pandemic world feels like an alternate dimension, yet we keep hearing the term “new normal”. And, after taking a step back, you realize how much society has already adapted to this “new normal” without fully being aware of it. As proof, here are some common phrases we’ve started saying because of the pandemic that would have sounded crazy to us before ’rona moved in.

Everything I Didn’t Learn From Virtual Visitas

Once upon a time, I was disappointed when I learned Visitas was turned into Virtual-tas. So here you go, pre-frosh. Here’s a short list of all the things I didn’t learn from Virtual Visitas that I wished I had.

What They Won’t Tell You During Your Virtual Tour

You might have taken plenty of virtual tours by now, but it’s no secret that college tours don’t tell you the whole story. Curious about what the fabled Harvard Yard is actually like? Consider this your in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour of the Yard, courtesy of the lovely writers of Flyby Blog.

Becoming a Plant Person

Sometimes I really don’t know how much longer I can continue to stare at the ~steaming~ dumpster (why does it do this??) outside of my window. Rather than buying another poster to hang in my Zoom backdrop to make myself look more edgy, I did myself a favor and invested in some beautiful, oxygen-producing plants!!

Flyby Tries: TikTok’s Album Cover Challenge

If you’re missing Harvard and want to see some of its best (and worst) views, we decided to turn our photos into album covers and see if Harvard is actually photogenic, as the tourists may suggest. This compilation is proof that you can turn any photo into an album cover if you try hard enough.

Flyby Remembers: Best and Worst Trends from the Beginning of Quarantine

March 11 marked one year since the WHO officially declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. In true human fashion, we found solace in baking various types of bread, rediscovering our New Year’s resolutions and eating blueberries with ice. If you aren’t living under a rock, then you probably tried one or more of these trends. We took a trip down memory lane and compiled a list of the best and worst of trends from the beginning of quarantine.

Flyby Smells: Uniquely Harvard Scents

There's a lot of things we miss about Harvard... including, honestly, the smells. Whether you're feeling scent-imental for Harvard smells or have never stepped foot on campus and just want to ~feel like you're really there~, we'll take you through a truly nose-talgic journey.

Flyby Investigates: Grocery Stores Near Campus

Disclaimer: There are many grocery stores in the great city of Cambridge and if your favorite one didn’t make this round up, we really mean no harm. Since Flyby is all about #lifehacks, here’s a list of stores you can hit up in under 10 minutes — whether it’s by walk, shuttle, T, or delivery!

Welcome Home, From Your HoCo Chairs

Welcome, freshmen, to upperclassmen housing (and also to the sophomores who never got a chance to really experience their House — we love you, too). As you make the transition into House life, we’ve got the hot tips and helpful advice to really immerse yourself, from none other than your House Committee (HoCo) Chairs who also happen to write for Flyby. #it’s #a #crossover #episode!

We Got the Covid Vaccine & Here's How It Went

Since last March, Covid has been the only thing on people’s minds (...and Driver’s License, but we all knew that), but there is light at the end of the tunnel! With the vaccine rolling out across the country, we thought we’d give you all of the details to help you prepare for your dose.

How I Spent My First Wellness Day

Another Wellness Day has rolled around yet again, and we're really, truly trying to enjoy it. But let's be real, nothing has hit the same as an actual Spring Break. Enjoy a walk down our writer's own not-so-well first-ever Wellness Day.

Tag Yourself: Which HUDS Milk are You?

If there’s one good thing that this past year has given us, it’s the expansion of the HUDS MCU: Milk Cinematic Universe. With new additions to the revolving cast of HUDS milk such as Oatly and Almond Breeze, the options are bountiful and endless.

Five Zoom Features That Should Definitely Exist

While we're still stuck in never-ending Zoom calls, there are plenty of ways to make our time run a bit ~smoother~. From locking our mics so we can avoid avoid unmuting anxiety to actually telling us how many people are already on the call so we don't end up sitting around with just our TF and their cat, enjoy just a few of the great ideas Zoom could definitely take note of. We're basically software engineers now.

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