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Five Zoom Features That Should Definitely Exist

While we're still stuck in never-ending Zoom calls, there are plenty of ways to make our time run a bit ~smoother~. From locking our mics so we can avoid avoid unmuting anxiety to actually telling us how many people are already on the call so we don't end up sitting around with just our TF and their cat, enjoy just a few of the great ideas Zoom could definitely take note of. We're basically software engineers now.

Five Reasons Why I’m Still Single After Datamatch

Datamatch has come and gone, and yet (despite our best Crush Roulette efforts) we're still single. We've already put our love lives in the hands of an algorithm, so I guess it can't get much worse? Here's hoping we all have better luck next time around!

Five Signs Your Professor Does NOT Pass the Vibe Check

With Zoom as our new classroom, class norms can look a little different. Thus, some turn-offs are pandemic-specific, others are everlasting — haunting us both in-person and online. The important part is to figure out what you can handle before the add/drop period ends!

We Spent Too Much Time On Tinder For ~Journalism~

While we're in a global panoramic, our internet personas have become even more important for that crucial first impression. Gone are the days of simply popping in a lackluster bio on your favorite dating app with the hopes of truly wooing them with your sparkling intellect in person – the pressure is on folks! Here's hoping your bio is at least slightly better than those we've featured here.

The 36 Questions That ~Virtually~ Lead to Love

Love is in the air... or should we say, in the Zoom? Either way, we've got all the deep questions you'll need to spice up your latest breakout room. Whether you're just hoping to end some awkward silences or actually trying to obtain a quarantine boo, our special virtual renditions of The New York Times’ “36 Questions That Lead to Love" are sure to please.

Flyby’s Back to School Shopping List

Now that we're a few weeks into the semester, you may have realized you're missing some dorm room necessities. Have no fear! Flyby is here with your latest back to school shopping list for that next Porter Square Target run.

Sleep Schedules for a Zoom Semester

There are some undeniable benefits to online learning, however, for a perpetually sleep deprived college student, one has to wonder how beneficial Zoom classes are for one’s sleep schedule.

Four Situations More Awkward Than Breakout Room Icebreakers

Most of us would agree that breakout room icebreakers can be extremely painful, but there's got to be something worse... right? Whether it's our sudden lack of social skills after ten months of hiding indoors, our inability to actually recognize anyone from the shoulders down, or just plain old forgetting to mute yourself — next time you're stuck in another breakout room with strangers sitting in total silence, just remember that it could probably be worse!

Five Things Shorter than My Gen Ed Readings

So you've finally got your schedule set, books purchased, and go-to Zoom background prepared — now all that's left is to actually do your assignments, right? Except somehow that "gem" of a Gen Ed has decided that you and your peers are in need of eight articles, six book chapters, and three novellas-worth of reading each week. At this point, pretty much anything is shorter than your dreaded assignments, so why not spend some time reading the Declaration of Independence or journeying to your nearest water source instead?

The Ultimate Virtual Semester Bucket List

A new semester is officially here, and along with it comes our desperate attempts to make another semester of Zoom classes actually exciting. This time around, why not try a classic competition amongst friends? And who knows — your grade may even benefit from it too!

What I Wish I Knew Before Living on Campus During a Pandemic

It’s undeniable that last semester was a roller coaster ride for most of us, but what semester of college isn’t? Except this time, we’re all wearing masks, sitting a few seats away from each other, and generally having the weirdest year possible. Check out our reflections on the ~unprecedented~ college experience!

Harvard Movies and TV to Binge Before Classes Start

There's only a few more days of winter break left before classes start, so enjoy some perfect movie and TV show recommendations for every (Harvard-related) mood. From Gilmore Girls to The Social Network, hear characters drop the H-bomb and see the fake campuses that producers came up with to make you feel a little closer to everyone's favorite small liberal arts school outside of Boston.

Relaxing-ish Things To Do While Waiting For Election Results

Unfortunately, we probably won’t find out who’s gonna be America’s Next Top Mod — I mean, America’s Next President on Tuesday night. So instead of going out of our minds stressing out about the fate of this country, here’s a list of relaxing-ish things that Harvard students can do while waiting for the election result.

Heading to the Polls Starter Pack

With election szn in full swing, many of us have had our voting plans ready to go and our voices ready to be heard for weeks. However, there's just one more obstacle in your way to finally casting that all-important ballot for those voting in person: the line. With sometimes brutal wait times, covid stresses, and a phone battery that only lasts so long, make sure to come prepared to your polling place so you can have your vote count!

Vote, Vote, Vote!

From pledging to vote, to text banking, to voter education, hear all about what students on campus are doing to increase voter awareness and why it’s so important to vote, vote, vote!

Who’s Hanging Out in Harvard Yard

While the obnoxious tour mobs are temporarily out of sight, out of mind, plenty of masked faces continue to pass through the gates — even after 6 p.m., when only two entrances are open, and Securitas patrols them both. Who are the people behind these masks, and what are they up to?

A Definitive Ranking of Dhall Tea Flavors

Yes, the dhall staff looked at me weird, and I felt like an incredible nuisance when I asked for one of each tea flavor during lunch. It was all so you could have this objectively correct ranking — don’t say I never did anything for you.

Confessions of a Harvard Confessions Admin

If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes details, Flyby has got you covered with an interview from an admin who asked to be anonymous to preserve the nature of the Harvard Confessions page.

Multiplayer Games For Your Next Game Night

Looking to get competitive during your next club social or call with friends? Look no further — Flyby’s rounded up some multiplayer games perfect for trying out during your next Zoom call. You and your friends may be scattered across different time zones and worried about catching coronavirus, but at least these games are here to help you catch up and stay sane.

Things About In-Person Harvard That We Don’t Miss at All

In attempt to practice gratitude (apparently it’s “good for you” and a “healthy coping mechanism”), here’s a list of #stressful things about the normal college experience that we don’t miss one bit.

Friday Night Plans: Remote Edition

Now that classes have officially started, we all need something to look forward to when each arduous week comes to a close. Even though partying is off the table (please social distance!), your Friday nights don’t need to be as dull as they were during early quarantine. Check out these fun ideas to spend your weekends remotely!

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