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Flyby Tries: Divinity School Cafe

If you still have unused Board Plus and are wondering how you can possibly spend it all in the next two weeks, we have just the place for you. Consider visiting the Divinity School Cafe!

Flyby’s Hierarchy of Yard Activities

Spring marks the time when we reclaim the Yard and relish the fresh air outside after being cooped up cramming studying hard. Here’s Flyby’s take on the common Yard activities, so you can gauge if your favorite outdoor pastime is Flyby-approved, of course.

Four Places to Get Flowers Around Campus

As the year comes to a close, it feels like all of your friends and/or estranged suitemates have performances they’re participating in. If you want to show up with flowers to support them, we have compiled a list of options for all preferences!

Flyby Investigates: Blank Street Coffee with Co-Founder Vinay Menda

The new Starbucks and Faro Café? Love them, but that’s old news. Blank Street, a New York based chain known for its clean aesthetic, efficiency, and its fern-green trademark color, will settle conveniently to the left of the Smith Center, providing easy access to a pick-me up. Flyby interviewed co-founder Vinay Menda to learn more about the chain and what Harvard students can expect of this new coffee shop. You’re welcome.

Overheards: Visitas Edition

After spending a day with prefrosh, their parents, and sometimes even their dogs, flyby blog has compiled a list of the most hilarious and shocking overheards from this Visitas weekend. Be prepared to be entertained by the Class of 2027.

Eight Places to Take Your Hometown Friend

From beating a Karen to a Tatte’s table after her pilates session to converting your BFF to a computer science major, this guide is a sure-fire way to introduce Harvard to any hometown bestie. Don’t get me wrong, Harvard’s campus truly is one of the most exceptional and beautiful places to spend your four collegiate years… but not introducing your friend to its quirks is a grave injustice. ​​​​​​​

Whatever You Do, Don’t Go to Cafe Gato Rojo!

Remember when we told you not to go to the Barker Cafe because the drinks were too yummy and the baristas were too nice? Well, I now have another place to add to the list of cute cafes and study spots for gatekeeping. So stop reading and pay attention to your lecture because trust me, you definitely don’t want to know about yet another cozy, student-run spot to spend your Board Plus.

Types of Parents on Junior Family Weekend

I’m not a junior, but Junior Family Weekend was absolutely fantastic to watch. Sadly, not every moment is as spectacular, especially when it comes to parents. Yours (and mine) have probably done something on this chart. Check out where they fall, from reasonable to terrifying a little over-excited.

Five Things to Do Immediately After Getting Into Harvard

Getting your acceptance letter from Harvard comes with a range of emotions — excitement, relief, panic, followed by a moment of calm and quiet as the news starts to settle in. After such a monumental moment that may be accompanied by some tears, laughter and hugs, what do you do next? How can you respond to getting into Harvard? Flyby has got you covered with five things you can do immediately after getting into Harvard.

Lessons Learned From Midterm Season

We’ve done it. We’ve gotten through another season of midterms, finally handing in that paper we’ve been stalling on for weeks, taking that test in the Science Center everyone crammed for. But now that we’ve gotten a very well-deserved break, let’s take a moment to reflect back on this midterm season before gearing up for finals or yet another round of midterms, since apparently I learned more than just my Quizlet flashcards.

Things I Missed About Harvard on Break

Does being on campus again and completing yet another midterm make you bummed? Take a step back for a second, and you'll find that there are many things to love about Harvard. While enjoying more sleep, I found myself missing a few Harv-specific things while on break.

Post-Housing Day Realizations

Housing Day is one of the most celebrated days at Harvard. It can be both exciting and stressful. After the stress of navigating blocking and linking groups, we scale walls and sneak around HUPD into each of the nine river houses, desperately trying to win the favor of the River Gods. Although there are many myths and preconceived notions about each house, here are my post housing day realizations.

Expectations vs. Reality: First Semester of Freshman Year

Spring semester has been kicking my ass — literally. I’ve been bedridden for the past week-and-a-half trying to overcome the flu, Covid, the plague, who knows? All I know is that during my bed rest, I have had a chance to reflect on the first five months of my life at Harvard — boy was it a wild ride. So, let’s reminisce on aspects of the first semester of freshman year for good ole’ times sake.

Times When You Should Give Yourself A Little Treat

Do you treat yourself? Do you give yourself a little treat for completing basic activities? You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, read along and you might realize you need a lil treaty treat.

7 Types of First-Years on Housing Day

As an independent observer with no stake in housing at all (it could make or break my college experience), I can almost guarantee that there will be some absurd reactions and some fascinating strategies. From a fellow first-year, here’s a rundown of seven types of first-years you’ll find on Housing Day.

The Houses as MBTI Personality Types

Well, here we are again, assigning personalities to arbitrarily assigned houses. But here’s the thing: if we keep giving them personalities, one day they’ll stick. So here, have some identity in its purest form: MBTI personality types.

What’s Keeping Me Going?

To everyone going through tough times… me too. The weather is groggy, the GCal is full, and midterm season is approaching. In an attempt to stop wallowing in self-pity, Flyby writer Annette Kim ’25 recollects the small things that are getting her through life.

Why February, in fact, is the Emotional Trough of the Year

We thought February was going to be our month, or at least a good month. But now, here we are, and somehow, somewhere (here), February has taken a sharp knife and gutted us all like one of Red’s best catches.

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