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Love it or Hate it: Final Papers vs. Final Exams

One of the best things about essays is that there’s (usually) so much more creative freedom. We Live in A Society and this is one of the few times where you can choose to follow your dreams (!!) and write about what you want since there’s rarely only one correct answer.

Flyby Ranks: Best Brunch Spots Around Campus

Enough talk of the norovirus and the dissolution of the UC! Let’s discuss something fun: where, oh, where can one go to brunch in the Square??? From familiar favorites to the new kids on the block, it’s about time for a fresh ranking on Harvard’s Greatest Brunch spots.

Love it/Hate it: Spring

Walking through the Yard these days makes me happy. Long gone are the days when it would already be dark when I walked into my 4:30 p.m. section in Emerson. Now, as I leave class at 5:30 p.m, I am greeted by music playing from speakers or guitars, a game of frisbee, and the most adorable dogs in Cambridge running in front of me. Spring makes me want to be more efficient in my work and appreciate these simpler pleasures.

Flyby’s Spring 2022 Playlist: Spring Frolics

It’s getting warmer and the sun is shining (for the first time in months). It’s time to stop checking PassioGo and opt to walk — even if it means you may be late to section. Here’s a playlist to keep you company in your galavanting and rompings around campus and beyond. Pop in your headphones or put this on blast.

NAACP Defense Fund President Discusses Voting Rights at IOP Forum

Janai S. Nelson, the president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, discussed the judicial system’s role in fighting racial inequality at a forum hosted Wednesday by the Harvard Institute of Politics and the Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project.

My Student-Athlete Covid Sob Story

After spending the better part of two years desperately avoiding Covid, it finally infiltrated my suite. There’s never a good time to get the good ol’ Rona, but I can think of a thousand-and-one reasons why this was the worst week for it to all go down.

Flyby Debates: Which Colors Belong with Which Subject

Remember the good old days when you couldn’t wait to shop for back-to-school notebooks and binders in middle school? Have those choices become embedded in your psyche as well? We know some of these might be hot takes, but check out this article to see if your color choices align with ours.

Expectations vs. Reality: Housing Day

Ever since I committed to Harvard, I’ve been looking forward to Housing Day. I couldn’t wait to have way-too-much house pride, meet other upperclassmen, and get my complete “Harvard introduction.” Housing Day 2022 came and went, so here is a first year’s Housing Day expectations vs. reality comparison for the much-anticipated event.

Spring Frolicking Bucket List

Ah, spring. The buds budding, the breeze puffing, the rabbits by the Leveret Towers multiplying by the day. Everybody from that kid who wore flip flops to class in February to the girl who you’ve never seen without a hat, mittens, snow boots and parka combo pack are out to play, and it’s time to get vitamin D for the first time in five months. So here are some ideas for getting your spring frolic on.

Flyby's Spring 2022 Bingo

Remember that fiery yellow ball of gas thing that lives in the sky and makes it warm sometimes? Well, now that it’s springtime, it’s coming back! Here are some of the things we’re most looking forward to about the rest of the semester’s more bearable climes.

The Best and Worst Places to Be at Harvard During a Zombie Apocalypse

As I lament the way we’re all slowly turning into zombies, I wonder how we’ll do in an actual zombie apocalypse. Will Harvard offer us any help? How long can we hold out until help arrives? Most importantly, where on Harvard’s 5,076 acre campus should we hide? Here are some of our thoughts.

Flyby Ranks: Crosswalks Around Campus

Crosswalks: they’re an integral part of our walk to class and perhaps even the key to getting your full tuition paid. Read about Flyby’s favorite crosswalks on campus and why they’re the key to *romanticizing life*.

Hacks for Free Coffee on Campus

You know why you clicked this article. You know what you’re here for. And yes, you read correctly: this is Flyby’s ultimate, comprehensive guide to where you can get *free* coffee on-campus— no strings attached!

Me, Myself, and the MBTA: A Flyby Writer’s Guide to the T

It’s possible to get through your four years at Harvard without ever setting foot on anything but the Red Line. But there is a whole rainbow of trains operated by the MBTA, each with their own character and unique metallic screeching noise. So to save you the energy (and the transit fare), we decided to embark on an adventure to find out what each line of the T is really about.

An Open Letter to Boston’s Winter Weather

Read all about the trials and tribulations of Flyby's very own Annette Kim trying to find her way out of Boston's Logan Airport in the middle of a horrible winter storm. You will be entertained.

BINGO! Harvard Square is Kinda Quirky

It’s been a crazy semester so far. With the Harvard shuttle recently crashing into Tasty Burger, it’s only a matter of time before something else crazy happens. We here at Flyby have got you covered with our predictions for the next unexpected thing to happen in our neck of the woods. See how long it takes us to get a bingo ;(

An Open Letter to Singles On Campus

Whether the only Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received is a mother-bought box of chocolate or you’re still recovering from breaking things off with someone back home, find comfort in the fact that you may be single, but never alone. If that doesn’t make you feel better, at least know that not only did some of us face V-day alone, but we are willing to write about it and overshare on the Internet. AKA, yours truly.

Flyby Presents: Virtual Valentines Day Ideas

Attention all long distance couples! Sad you can’t see your valentine this February 14th? Don’t be! Flyby Blog has all the romantic gestures you need planned and ready to be done. This isn’t the article you want to miss!

Love It/Hate It: Cold Weather

Everyone knows it has been exceptionally cold out recently, but are we living in a Winter Wonderland or a slushy nightmare? Check out Flyby’s article on the pros and cons of winter weather to decide for yourself.

Poof! It’s Your Harvard Genie!

If you’re like me and have given up on trying to make your life better on your own, it’s time to turn to whatever magical forces you can find. Wish on a shooting star! Steal a leprechaun’s pot of gold! Kidnap a genie! This is the semester of ~manifesting~, so rub on John Harvard’s foot and make a wish folks.

Love It/Hate It: Buying New Textbooks for Class

Do new textbooks make you romanticize college or are classes just gatekeeping education? Check out two different perspectives on buying textbooks for the new semester and try to convince yourself that you’re making an investment in your academics.

Love It/Hate It: Returning from Winter Break

Not sure how you feel about returning from winter break? Want to pretend you are in debate and critique others' opinions? Then check out Flyby's article and decide which side you side with — perhaps leading you to an aha moment.

Love It or Hate It: Grab N Go Dining

Losing your argument about Grab N Go dining to your roommate who’s on the debate team? Still trying to choose a side? Then check out these two perspectives on the dining situation and use our stellar reasoning skills to absolutely demolish your roommate’s argument.

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