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Dude, That’s Rude: No More Linking Groups

Another Housing Day is on the horizon, but this year brings one key change from those in recent memory: no linking groups. And frankly, we here at Flyby find that horrifying; we have a feeling you’ll agree with us once you know why.

Flyby’s (Imaginary) Internship Roundup

We sat down and imagined some perfect summer internships that don’t exist — yet. There’s something for every career! So come and imagine internships with us. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually want to turn one of these into reality…

Dude, That’s Rude: D-hall Chairs with Arms

Have you been thinking about d-hall chairs recently, specifically those with arms? No? I really didn’t think so, but luckily for you we at Flyby have! Here’s our bone to pick with armed d-hall chairs — yes, it’s a valid complaint, and yes you’ll agree by the end of our argument.

Flyby’s Roundup of the Craziest Q Guide Comments

You know it, you love it, it’s none other than the Q Guide. From the (not-so) secret codes for gems to reading every single comment to reassure yourself that the class you are choosing is right for you, we live and breathe the Q Guide during course registration. But look no further, as Flyby has rounded up some of the craziest Q Guide comments that have graced the resource so far!

Overheard on FDOC: Spring 2024

This FDOC was notable for the complete and total dejection present in the student body, but hopefully these quotes will at least make you feel less alone. Here are the best, most bonkers things we heard this snowy Monday.

Christmas Albums To Try When You Inevitably Start To Get Sick of Mariah Carey

Don’t get me wrong — I’m as big a fan of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as anyone else, but we all crave a little bit of variety from time to time. So, I present four Christmas album alternatives for when you need a break from Mariah’s angelic voice this Christmas season.

Flyby Tries: Berg Drink Combinations

The drink combinations at Annenberg are endless, so keep exploring! Try one of Flyby's tested and proven drink combinations, guaranteed to upgrade your next meal of whatever chicken is being served that day.

A HUDS Soup for Every Mood

All jokes aside, mealtime is truly the best part of the day. Whether you’re making a Veritaffle in Annenberg, waiting in the Fly By (not flyby — that’s us) line between classes, grimly cutting into a dry slab of chicken, or slurping up a nice bowl of soup, take some time to appreciate the people and things around you. After all, mealtime (and HUDS soup) has a magical ability to bring people together.

An Ode to MQC

Dear MQC, I cannot thank you enough for the hours you have saved me throughout the week. Please never change your collaborative, stimulating, and chaotic self. I love you and all you have to offer, and the day Harvard gets rid of you is the day my GPA tanks.

Thanksgiving To-Do List: On Campus Edition

Staying on campus for Thanksgiving break might not be your idea of an ideal holiday experience, but Flyby’s here to make sure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing break, even while within a 10-mile radius of your dorm room.

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