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Quarantine Self-Makeovers That Aren't Cutting Your Bangs

We’re all going to come out of this socially awkward and in tie dye sweat suits — do you really want to throw bad DIY bangs into the mix? For those moments when scissors become tantalizing, and you keep telling yourself that “hair grows back,” here are a few alternative makeovers to try instead.

New Course Names Post-COVID-19

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives completely — and will probably continue to do so. While we can’t exactly predict what the future holds, we can try to predict Harvard’s course catalog! As Harvard boasts courses as “the kind students will never forget,” these fake future courses are bound to be engaging — or at least give students in 2080 an intense intro to quarantine.

Iconic Harvard Meals to Look Forward to

Just like every other Harvard student, you probably love to hate on the food in the dining halls. And we don’t blame you — it’s pretty easy to complain about HUDS’s beef stroganoff, seitan, and lack of on-brand cereal. But admit it: A few weeks away from campus, and even you are missing some of Harvard’s most iconic meals. We’re here to remind you what you have to look forward to dining-wise when we all get back to Cambridge.

Zoom Fitness Challenge

Feeling remorseful about not hitting the gym more often on campus? Think a good workout might improve your mood while you’re stuck at home? Sign in to your Zoom lecture, turn off your video camera, and get on your feet to try this workout challenge!

The Types of People in Your Zoom Lecture

We all know that Zoom has changed the game when it comes to lectures. It feels all too ~optional~ to do our work, and now we don’t have letter grades. Either way, keep reading for the ultimate rundown of all the types of people we’ve all been seeing in our Zoom lectures.

Best Housing Day Signs

As the weather begins to heat up, so does blocking drama. With Housing Day right around the corner, we’ve gathered some of the best Housing Day signs from the archives to get you excited about the house you’ll get sorted into (and maybe transfer out of…).

Top Books Written by Harvard Faculty

Looking to increase your reading load and broaden your analytical mind? Trying to impress your professor or interview with some sophisticated reads? Look no further: here are some of the most popular books written by Harvard Professors.

Words of Advice Inspired by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim K's Makeup Artist

On February 13, Mario Dedivanovic delivered a talk hosted by the Harvard College Albanian Student Association as part of their Leadership Initiative Series.

Shopping on a Budget: Valentine’s Day at CVS

Whether this is your first year spending Valentine’s Day at college or you’re a Harvard Square budget shopping veteran, it can get tough thinking of new gift ideas for your SO on Cupid’s Day. So, when all hope seems lost, fear not!

Valentine’s Day Events Around Campus

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and along with it comes the annual stress of figuring out how you’ll spend it. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date or just a platonic night with pals, there are plenty of student organizations on campus who are here to help.

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