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Harvard Today May 6, 2020

Signing off the last Harvard Today of Spring 2020 — Richard L. Luo, Staff Writer

In the News

Harvard Proposes One-Year Contract With Union

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, negotiations between the University and HGSU-UAW have begun to shift. During a virtual bargaining session, Harvard proposed the two parties agree to a one-year contract, shortened from a multi-year agreement due to ongoing economic challenges.

Return to Normal Unlikely by September, Harvard President Bacow Tells Faculty

During the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’s final meeting of the academic year, President Bacow expressed reservations about the potential for a return to normal campus life in the fall. The faculty approved next year’s classes and changes to the Student Handbook, but FAS still has not decided what format its fall classes will take. 

Harvard Extends Pay and Benefits to Employees Amid Estimated $415 Million Shortfall

While the University has lost a substantial amount of revenue due to the effects of the pandemic, it agreed to extend pay and benefits to employed staff and contract workers through June 28, adding one more month to its financial commitment toward forced-out-of-work employees.


How to: Become An Early Riser (Even For Just One Day)

Nowadays, waking up before noon is hard, let alone waking up early. As the semester comes to a close, knock out this last week of finals and papers with Flyby’s guide to becoming an early riser. Don’t look at us like that. It’s worth a try, even if it lasts a day.

Flyby's Official 2020 Housing Day Video Ranking

Housing Day may have been a Zoom affair this year, but there was no shortage of spirit in this year’s Housing Day videos. Dare to click and see if your house came out on top. And if it didn’t, be sure to join your House’s HoCo and keep us in mind for next year’s ranking. ;)


White House Coronavirus Task Force Expected to Wind Down Come Memorial Day

Despite new models projecting a potential increase in coronavirus deaths in the coming months, the White House announced plans to scale back and eventually disband the group in charge of leading the government’s response to the virus by the end of this month.

Coronavirus Researcher from University of Pittsburgh Found Dead from Gunshot Wounds

Over the weekend in Pennsylvania, a medical researcher from University of Pittsburgh was found dead inside his home. The police believe they have discovered the culprit, who was found dead in a nearby car, and are investigating their parties’ relationship and potential motives behind the murder.

Indian Magician Gives Free Online Performances to Instagram Followers

To pass the time during quarantine, a magician abroad who cancelled all of his public shows is now sending personal invitations on social media for free performances over Skype.