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Harvard Today Mar 30, 2020

Kinda wishing I’d gotten some Boom Chicka Pop on my last monthly grocery store run. — Nicole T. Rozelman, Staff Writer


In the News

Cambridge Reports First COVID-19 Death, Warns of Further Community Transmission

The first fatality from COVID-19 was reported in Cambridge as the city continues to call for strict self-isolation and adherence to social-distancing guidelines. The number of confirmed cases statewide has grown to 4,955 with increased community transmission and greater testing efforts. 

Harvard Health Services Director Nguyen Outlines New Protocols for Coronavirus Tracking and Testing

As the number of positive-testing Harvard affiliates grows to 27, Harvard Health Services Director Giang T. Nguyen is working to coordinate the University’s monitoring of and response to the spread. HUHS is in constant communication with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and are adopting updated testing and precautionary guidelines as they become available. 

College Sees Growth in Admitted Veterans, Admissions Dean Points to Recruitment

Harvard College’s admitted Class of 2024 includes 13 veterans, more than double last year’s number, as well as 47 ROTC candidates. Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Fitzsimmons attributes this increase to partnerships on outreach initiatives like Service to School’s VetLink program. 


Canvas Checklist for Harvard Professors

Ever feel like studying for that exam would be so much easier if your professor actually organized their course page by units? Or that you would actually remember to submit your response paper if they posted the deadline properly? We’ve compiled a list of all the constructive feedback you wish you could give your professors — now all you have to do is accidentally drop this link in the Zoom chat and you’re set. 


Social Distancing to Last Until End of April per White House's Guidelines

In a reversal from his previous prediction that the country would be up and running again by Easter, President Trump has extended the official social distancing guidance through April. He has expressed concerns about the economic and public safety ramifications this business shutdown may have in the future.

The FDA Moves Forward with Emergency Authorization of COVID-19 Drugs Endorsed by President Trump

Under pressure from President Trump, the Food and Drug Administration is granting emergency authorization for several malaria drugs to be moved to further testing. With a lack of clear evidence as to their potential effectiveness, the President has advocated for more experimentation in treatment.

Coronavirus Projected to Affect Millions Nationwide

White House adviser Fauci has referenced models that project that the virus could infect millions and cause over 100,000 deaths nationwide. This number comes in conjunction with Congress’s $2.2 trillion stimulus package and a revised timeline on social distancing protocol.