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Harvard Today Oct 16, 2019

Happy National Fossil Day from those of us who believe in evolution. — Lydia L. Cawley, STAFF WRITER


In the News

First Votes Cast in Grad Student Union Strike Authorization Vote

The polls open today for student union members to cast their votes on whether the union should authorize a strike. Such a vote would not automatically trigger a strike, but is being used by union organizers to try to leverage a response from the University. Polls will be open at least through Friday this week.

Arts and Humanities Town Hall on Inclusion

Arts and Humanities affiliates held a town hall last night to discuss inclusion and belonging in response to a “hateful” message recently sent to a Harvard faculty member. Students raised issues such as gender-neutral bathrooms, implicit biases, and the lack of a system for reporting racial bias incidents.


Types of People You’ll Spot at Football Games

Yeah, we know, Harvard’s not a state school, and football games aren’t central to Harvard life. However, football games are a great chance to support the football team, cheerleaders, and band while feeling some quality school spirit. If you do make it to a football game this season, here are the types of people to look for in the bleachers.


Highlights from Last Night’s Democratic Debate

Because nobody has time for hours of yet another Democratic debate packed with twelve candidates, check out these video highlights of the night’s best soundbites. The short version: Bernie is healthy, Booker is vegan, and Buttigeg and Beto do not agree on gun reform.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Off-the-Record Dinners with Conservative Pundits

Mark Zuckerberg, class of  — oh wait, he never graduated — has been inviting conservative journalists and at least one Republican lawmaker to his California home since July to discuss partnerships. Some cybersecurity researchers fear these meetings indicate that Zuckerberg “is trying to appease the Trump administration by not cracking down on right-wing propaganda.” Zuck has previously faced scrutiny for turning the “hot-or-not” Facemash algorithm he developed as a Harvard sophomore into a mine for the personal data of billions.

Aaron Dean Charged with Murder for Death of Atatiana Jefferson

Former police officer Aaron Dean, who shot Atatiana Jefferson in her home on Sunday, has been arrested and charged with murder in Fort Worth. He posted a $200,000 bond on Monday night and was released from jail. Six people have been shot and killed by Fort Worth officers since June of this year.