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Harvard Today Dec 13, 2018

LLC + SRT = Co-Queens Fly-eva.

—Lydia L. Cawley & Stuti R. Telidevara, CHAIRS

In the News

Harvard Admits 13.4 Percent of Early Applicants to Class of 2023
The newest bunch of tryhards have been admitted to Harvard’s incoming class of 2023, which is too high a number. (They were born in 2001. What even.) Congratulations, everyone! This early action class was possibly the most competitive in Harvard history. Classic.

Institute of Politics Elects First Director of Diversity and Outreach
Jasmine N. Hyppolite ’21 will serve as the IOP’s first Diversity and Outreach Director. She aims to increase representation of marginalized and underrepresented groups at the IOP, planning recruiting events with affinity groups.

Per Annual Report, Harvard Title IX Office Saw 56 Percent Increase in Disclosures in 2018
University Title IX Officer Nicole M. Merhill suggested that the increase was due to expansions in training opportunities across the University this year. She also said the “ongoing ripple effects from the #MeToo movement” contributed to more disclosures.

Willy Wonka Dreamin’
Westönnen, a German town, lived out every candy-hungry kid’s literal dream when the local chocolate factory had a spill of a whole ton of chocolate, which then solidified on the pavement. A German newspaper said the accident was due to a “small technical defect.” Sounds fake but okay!

Taylor Swift Is Watching You? Maybe?
Turns out that when Taylor Swift performed at the Rose Bowl this year, facial recognition software was used to identify her stalkers. Because concerts are technically private events, Swift technically did not have to notify attendees that they would be surveilled. Black Mirror episode inspo?

How Could You Be So Heartless?
As proof that nothing good ever happens on Southwest Airlines, a Sunday flight from Seattle to Dallas had a literal human heart found on it. The organ was probably a misplaced shipment for a transplant. How do you misplace a human heart that’s needed for a transplant?