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Harvard Today May 11, 2018

WE OUT! It’s been a pleasure giving you Harvard Today this semester.

—Lorenzo F. Manuali, STAFF WRITER

In the News

University to Require Faculty and Staff to Complete Title IX Online Training

Starting this fall, Harvard’s faculty and staff will be required to undergo Title IX training online. This decision follows the resignation of Harvard Professor Jorge I. Dominguez following renewed interest in multiple sexual assault allegations against him.

Grad Union Establishes Sexual Harassment Committee

In preparation for their negotiation with the University, the new graduate student union has formed a sexual harassment committee called the Time’s Up Committee. The next steps of the committee involve listening to students to determine what specific issues to address, and the best courses of action.

HUDS Wins National Dining Services Medals

HUDS won three medals from the National Association of College and University Food Services for residential dining, retail sales, and food waste management. Specifically, HUDS got a gold medal in the residential dining concepts category, large-school division. A total of 2 schools competed in the competition, the other being located in New Haven (not really).


Israel and Iran Exchange Blows in Syria Face-Off

Israel launched airstrikes on many Iranian military targets inside Syria. Israel’s attack was in response to what Israel termed an Iranian rocket attack made from inside Syria. Israel has made these attacks before, but this time Russia did not condemn Israel, only asking both Israel and Iran to sort out their differences diplomatically.

Cohen’s $600,000 Deal with AT&T Specified He Would Advise on Time Warner Merger

Internal company records show that Michael Cohen—the former personal attorney to President Trump whose offices were recently raided by the FBI—was paid $600,000 to advise AT&T on its merger with Time Warner. Trump opposed the merger during the campaign and his administration ultimately opposed the merger as well. Who knew it only took Michael Cohen to make corporate law exciting!

Trump Attorney Giuliani Resigns from Private Law Firm

Despite recent reports that President Trump is not content with former federal prosecutor and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s work as his personal lawyer, Giuliani doubled down in his position. He resigned from his private law firm—Greenberg Traurig—in order to work more as President Trump’s personal attorney.