ANY ONE at all familiar with the eighty men, or more, who constitute the division in Junior Botany, will be surprised to hear that, in their recitation-room, they sit in tiers.

WE desire to remind our readers that the fair of the G. A. R. opens next Monday in Lyceum Hall. It will offer unusual attraction to students in the shape of a handsome bat, which is to be given to the Harvard ball-player who receives the most votes. Let us all rally to the support of our friends! Then, again, our votes should certainly secure the silk banner to "Cambridge I," that company always first at fires and always courteous and obliging to students.

THE exact number of the Freshman Class is 218.

SECOND-YEAR HONORS IN MATHEMATICS. - Class I., O. P. Dexter, '76; M. G. Post, '75; A. S. Thayer, '75. Class II., M. S. Fenollosa, '75. Class III., J. C. Lane, '75; N. Mathews, '75; W. A. Reed, '75; M. L. Willard, '75.

A RECEPTION game will probably be played with the Bostons by the Harvard Nine on the return of the former from their tour next week. The game will take place on the Boston Grounds, and we hear that Mr. Bush of '71 will play once more under his old colors.

THE authorities are hard at work on the new Catalogue, and we may hope to see that welcome volume at Thanks-giving.

ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY. - The Rev. James De Koven, D. D., President of Racine College, will preach before the Society at Christ Church, Cambridge, Sunday evening, November 2. All are invited to attend. Service at 7.30 P. M.

IT may be a source of satisfaction to some of us to understand clearly the matter of cuts in Chemistry 2. For the benefit of those interested it is as follows: Absence from 10-11 on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays, whether it be lecture or laboratory, counts as a full absence. Absence from Professor Cooke's lecture on Wednesday counts as a full absence. Absence from any three laboratory hours counts as a full absence. The weeks on which Professor Cooke lectures, one hour less laboratory work is required.

Instructor in Logic. Mr. -, what is the universal negative?

Student. Not prepared, sir.

MR. J. A. HODGE, '75, has taken the position of instructor in Zoology and Botany for the ensuing year at De Veaux College, Suspension Bridge.

ANY one having books belonging to the Institute Library is requested to return them immediately, as the Library is being rearranged and catalogued. It will shortly be thrown open to members at the new rooms in Holyoke House.

ALL students playing on the violin, flute, or clarionet desirous of joining the Pierian Sodality are invited to present themselves for examination at the rooms of the Sodality, in Holyoke House, on Tuesday, 28th inst., at 7 P. M. Any information regarding the music can be obtained at No. 13 Hollis or 3 Holyoke.

THE GRADUATES' CUP RACE is announced for to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, on the Charles River course. There will be only three crews where there should be eight. The following are the crews: '74, Wheeler (stroke), Harding, Morse, Silsbee, Goodrich, and P. Dana (bow); '76, Otis (stroke), Bacon, Riggs, Nickerson, Green, and Weld (bow); '77, King (stroke), Bacon, Perry, Morgan, Leeds, and Lindsey (bow). '75 is not represented, and there are no second crews.

Instructor. Who was queen-consort at this time?

Bibulus. The - a - the secretary of state?