Forty-Four Students Win Seats on Undergraduate Council

Forty-four students were elected to the Council in a relatively high turnout election, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday evening. In total, 1,885 students voted this year.

Students Call on Harvard Law to Bar Kavanaugh from Teaching Pending Probe Into Sexual Assault Allegations

Four Law School students demanded the University prevent Kavanaugh from teaching in Cambridge in an opinion piece published in the Harvard Law Record Thursday.

Report: Harvard Management Company Sells Warehouses to Private Equity Firm

Harvard Management Company has sold $950 million in warehouse properties to private equity firm Blackstone Group ahead of HMC’s yearly returns announcement, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Kennedy School Beats Fundraising Goal By $200 Million

The Harvard Kennedy School closed out its capital campaign at more than $700 million, according to an August email sent to HKS affiliates by Kennedy School Dean Douglas W. Elmendorf.

Smith Campus Center Dedication Ceremony Features Faust, Bacow, Donor

“This is a dream come true,” said former University President Drew G. Faust, who helped oversee the project during her 11-year tenure, which ended in July.

Students Organize Harvard College's First Latinx Convocation

One organizer said the event was inspired by last year’s inaugural Black Convocation ceremony, which she said signaled a move toward embracing diversity.

Colin Kaepernick, Dave Chappelle Among Du Bois Medal Awardees

The medal — the University’s highest honor in the field of African and African American studies — recognizes individuals who have made “significant contributions” to African and African American culture.

Computer Science, Greek Mythology Classes Surpass Intro to Economics in Top Fall Course Enrollment

Computer Science 50 led course enrollment numbers with 724 undergraduates, according to data from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences registrar’s office Thursday.


Grad Unionization Movement Sees Mixed Results Around Country After Harvard Success

After Harvard teaching and research assistants voted to unionize last semester, labor experts predicted other schools would follow in Harvard's footsteps. That forecast has proved partially correct at best.


Grad Union Negotiations With Harvard Will Likely Take Place Behind Closed Doors

Harvard and its brand-new union have yet to hammer out initial bargaining terms. But both University and union representatives say their upcoming negotiations will likely take place behind closed doors.

Final Clubs

The Fox Club Changed Its Mind About Going Gender-Neutral — Again

The historically all-male, 120-year-old social group — which earlier this month vowed to go co-ed and in return earned College recognition — is no longer planning to do so, according to administrators.


Hasty Pudding Institute Moves into Former Bee Clubhouse

The group is leasing its new space from the Fly Club, according to Cambridge property records.

Student Life

Harvard Students Displeased With New Harvard-Yale Ticket Policies

While in past years, students were able to purchase tickets for guests from the Athletics Box Office, students are strictly limited to one ticket per HUID this fall.


Harvard Debuts New System for Disciplining Errant Student Groups

Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Students, Encouraged by Diversity Efforts, Say They’re 'Energized' to Push For More


Adam Clymer, Former Crimson President and Veteran New York Times Reporter, Dies at 81

Undergraduate Council

Almost Half of Harvard's Undergraduate Council Will Not Return to Govern


Lawrence D. Bobo Named Next Dean of Social Science


Harvard Asks Court to Exclude Evidence of Past Anti-Semitism in Admissions Trial

Students for Fair Admissions, the plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit, planned to bring at least a dozen exhibits related to anti-Semitic discrimination at Harvard.


Dominguez Retains Emeritus Privileges Pending Results of Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Pending the results of an investigation into his alleged sexual harassment of at least 20 women, Dominguez will continue to receive the perks that come with emeritus status, including access to University spaces and research support.

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Celebrates 65 Years of Female Graduates

The event, which attendees described as inspiring, featured many prominent alumnae of the Law School. But some students charged that the cost was prohibitive.


Cabot House Dining Hall Floods, Forming ‘Second Aquarium’

Though the dining hall was filled with standing water — which caused food service in the House to be cancelled — by 4:30 p.m., Cabot was already on the mend.


Gearing Up For A Nationwide Strike, Hotel Workers Consult HUDS Union on Strategy

The developments in Boston follow a national-level escalation between UNITE HERE and Marriott that began early last week.


Administrators Conducting Review of Public Service at Harvard College

Student Life

Harvard Works to Combat Unhealthy Freshman Sleep Habits with Sleep 101 Module

College Life

Facing Penalties, 100 Percent of College Students Completed Sexual Harassment Training


Back in Smith Center, University Health Services Begins New Year


Formerly All-Male A Capella Group Din and Tonics Admits First Woman Member