Harvard International Office

Fast-Track Visa Suspension Could Jeopardize Hiring

The premium processing freeze may prevent or delay the hiring of international faculty and researchers.

In D.C., Faust Calls for Government Backing of Universities

Faust said the renown of American universities is “contingent” on continued federal support during a panel discussion with university presidents in the nation’s capital.

Law School Students Demand Sexual Assault Admissions Info

Four Harvard Law School students are demanding that the Law School clarify how it considers applicants who have been accused or found guilty of sexual assault.

Business School Dean Challenges Book’s Criticism of School

The Harvard Business School Dean pushed back on the conclusions of a popular new book that criticizes the school’s complicity in a number of societal ills.

Startups Pitch Ideas At Business School Venture Competition

Top prize winners were a device that places calls to users hoping to escape an awkward date, an app that connects package deliverers, and a chatbot to connect employers with employees.

After Further Study, Business School Backs Off Pledge to Double Female Protagonists

The Business School will no longer look to fulfill a pledge to double the percent of female protagonists of case studies after finding that an initial study underestimated that percentage.

Ban Ki-Moon Reflects on UN Leadership at IOP

“Most of the UN staff address me like ‘SG’ instead of Secretary-General because it is too long. At the same time, ‘SG’ stands for ‘scapegoat," Ban said.

Amy Goodman Talks Media Bias At Book Talk

“I think the media can be the greatest force for peace on earth. Instead, all too often, it is wielded as a weapon of war," Goodman said.

College Announces New Mather, Dunster Faculty Deans

​Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana unveiled the next Faculty Deans for both Dunster and Mather House in an email Tuesday.


Student Union Organizers Gear Up for Potential Re-Vote

Even before the National Labor Relations Board has finalized its decision, student union organizers at Harvard are preparing to launch another unionization campaign.


Report Shows Increase in Faculty Diversity Over Past Ten Years

​The proportion of Harvard’s tenured faculty who are women or people of color jumped from 30.8 percent to 39.2 percent over the past decade.

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Manager Unveils $600 Million Budget Proposal

​The Cambridge City Manager unveiled a roughly $600 million budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 that will expand funding for supporting undocumented Cambridge residents among other initiatives, at the City Council’s meeting Monday night.


Danielle Allen Rises Through Harvard’s Ranks

Danielle S. Allen’s meteoric rise at Harvard is the latest step in a distinguished career as a political theorist and classicist.


Former College Dean Attacks Social Group Penalties in Washington Post Op-Ed

“Using ‘nondiscrimination’ as a cudgel against students’ private associations is odiously patronizing," Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 wrote in the op-ed.


In Photos: Tiësto Headlines Yardfest


Hist & Lit to Offer Ethnic Studies


After Outcry, Grad Students to Receive Summer Stipend Lump Sum Option


New Club Approval System Looks to Prevent Student Group Overlap


Between Harvard and Office for Civil Rights, A Symbiotic Relationship


Tiësto Draws Hundreds to Yardfest Amid Rain and Mud

Some students unfamiliar with Tiësto before the concert still screamed every time the bass dropped or a blast of smoke blew across the stage.


Harvard Profs, Faust Join March for Science

“We march because our future depends on the future of science," said University President Drew G. Faust.


In Bright Red Lanyards, Prefrosh Take Visitas

Prefrosh watched a collection of musical performances at “Visitas Palooza,” attended a dessert tasting in Ticknor Lounge, and sang karaoke in Eliot House Grille.


UC Passes Caucus Legislation Semester After Defeat

​The Undergraduate Council unanimously passed legislation formally establishing of caucuses Sunday.


Harvard Researchers Discover Second Declaration of Independence Manuscript

​Two Harvard researchers have uncovered a second parchment manuscript of the Declaration of Independence—the only additional manuscript of its type ever to be found.


‘Inter-House Dining Societies’ May Face Spatial, Financial Constraints


Harvard, Plaintiff Propose Schedule for Sexual Harassment Case


NLRB Calls for Re-Vote in Unionization Election

Department of Athletics

In Harvard’s Athletics Department, A Stark Wage Gap

Student Life

Faust Working ‘Very Closely’ with Scalise on Athletics Review