Prison Divestment

Harvard Prison Divestment Activists Walk Out of Bacow Meeting

Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign members walked out of a Monday meeting with University President Lawrence S. Bacow and the Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility to protest the administrators’ alleged unwillingness to consider divesting from the prison industry.

Group Protests The Crimson’s Coverage of ‘Abolish ICE’ Rally

Roughly 50 students demonstrated outside of The Harvard Crimson’s building Friday to protest the publication’s coverage of a Sept. 12 rally calling for the abolition of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

With Contingent Worker Policy Change, Major Benefits and Unforeseen Challenges

As more than 150 temporary and less-than-half-time Harvard employees transition into permanent, benefited staff positions following a policy change that went into effect in March, the shift has brought “extraordinary” opportunities for some, but unintended challenges for others.

Ambassador of France Discusses Foreign Policy at the Center for European Studies

Former French Ambassador to the United States Pierre N. Vimont discussed the future of European foreign policy with diplomats and Harvard affiliates in a conversation hosted by Harvard’s Center for European Studies Friday.

Inaugural Social Justice Hackathon Highlights Local Activists

Harvard Kennedy School Professor Cornell W. Brooks and Boston activist and organizer Monica Cannon-Grant spoke about how to fight for social justice in the United States at the William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice’s inaugural Social Justice Hackathon Friday.

UC Funds Printing and Laundry Stipends for Some SEF-Eligible Students

The UC voted to allocate $10,000 to fund printing and laundry for Student Events Fund-eligible students and another $10,000 to fund Wintersession grants at its general meeting Sunday.

Divest Harvard Stages Mock Oil Spill at Demonstration

Organizers of Divest Harvard — a student group calling on the University to divest its endowment from fossil fuels — poured liquid meant to represent oil over their members' heads during a demonstration at the Smith Campus Center Friday.

Undergraduate Council to Launch Free Mental Health Screening Service

The Undergraduate Council plans to launch a mental health screening in partnership with Counseling and Mental Health Services, according to UC President Sruthi Palaniappan ’20.

Cambridge Affordable Housing Overlay Has Tentative Majority Approval Among Elected Councilors

A large enough majority of Cambridge City Councilors elected Nov. 5 support the city’s proposed affordable housing overlay in its current form that the council may now be able to pass the long-debated legislation into law.

Harvard in the City

Three Finalists Announced for Allston Enterprise Research Campus Development

Harvard has selected three development teams — Alexandria Real Estate Equities and National Development, the HYM Investment Group, and Breakthrough Properties — as finalists for a bid to develop the University’s new Enterprise Research Campus in Allston.


Amid Impeachment Inquiry, Bacow Uncertain About Timeline for Higher Ed Bills

University President Lawrence S. Bacow said in an interview Tuesday that it is “unclear” how quickly higher education legislation will make it through Congress given the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.


Dean Gay Launches Nationwide Search for New Athletics Director

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay announced Thursday the composition of a University-wide committee to find a replacement for longtime Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise.


Mathew and White-Thorpe Win UC Presidential Election

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21 will lead the next session of the Undergraduate Council as president and vice president, respectively, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday night.

The Harvard Crimson

Ryan to Lead The Crimson’s 147th Guard

Aidan F. Ryan ’21 will lead the newly elected 147th Guard of The Harvard Crimson, the newspaper’s President announced on Monday.


PBK Announces Senior 48

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business Review Editors Talk Women and Workplace Conflict at Podcast Taping


Student Athlete Advisory Council Creates Committee to Address Athlete Isolation


Anand Giridharadas Condemns 'Elite Generosity' in Institute of Politics Talk


Bacow Calls Grad Students Union's Dec. 3 Strike Deadline 'Unnecessary'


We Are America Project Founders Share Stories of Adversity and Diversity at Harvard Ed School Panel

Student founders from the We Are America Project shared their stories of navigating issues of diversity in the United States in a workshop at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Gutnam Gallery Wednesday night.

Harvard Square

‘It’s Beautiful. It’s Wrong’: Physicist Lee Smolin Discusses ‘Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution’ in Talk

Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin explained the incomplete nature of quantum theory before a packed lecture hall in the Science Center on Wednesday evening, discussing his newest book, “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum.”


Hundreds Sign Letter Condemning Asian Groups for Failing to Co-Sponsor DACA Walk-Out

Roughly 400 people across the country have signed an open letter dated Nov. 11 condemning Asian American organizations at the College for failing to co-sponsor a walk-out in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status earlier this week.


Harvard Open Data Project Predicts Mahajan and Patel Will Win UC Election

The Harvard College Open Data Project predicted that Sanika S. Mahajan ’21 and Rushi A. Patel ’21 will win the Undergraduate Council presidential election based on its survey.

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School to Drop Application Fee, Streamline Process for Junior Deferral Program

Harvard Law School is eliminating the application fee for college juniors applying to the Law School through its Junior Deferral Program, the school announced Wednesday.


Mental Health Data Shows Significant Signs of Depression and Anxiety at Harvard

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Faculty Reflect on Dean Nitin Nohria’s Tenure

Student Groups

Hundreds of Harvard Affiliates Walk Out to Defend DACA and TPS Ahead of Tuesday Supreme Court Hearing


Dominguez Accuser Concerned By Perceived ‘Disinterest’ of Harvard External Review Committee

Harvard in the City

Following $6.4 Million Renovation, Smith Playground Reopens in Allston