‘Cruella’ Review: A Decent Retelling Elevated by Standout Acting

The off-putting beginning and the gratifying end yield a film that’s just okay, but still worth watching for the infallible acting of Thompson and Stone.

'Titian: Women, Myth, & Power' Exhibition Leaves Visitors in Awe at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This the first time in four centuries that the six paintings have been reunited in one room, a task that involved the cooperation of museums and galleries around the world.

‘You Belong Here Now’ Review: A Casual Read Lacking a Touch of Detail

In the end, “You Belong Here Now” is a novel that suffers from a paradox of complexity: at times too simple, and at others too complicated.

'Love (Sweet Love)' Review: Little Mix Retains Their Signature Sound

On Sep. 3, British girl band Little Mix released “Love (Sweet Love),” a fun and stylish tune to fit the end of the summer.

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