‘Life in Color’ Review: A Charming Look at the Role Color Plays on Earth

There’s the iconic and well-known face, the beautiful landscape, and the subjects of the show itself — in many ways, “Life in Color” establishes itself in the tradition of Attenborough’s other nature documentaries.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Finale Review: The Perfect End to a Rocky Season

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” followed the blueprint of its Marvel movie predecessors. Adaptations of the trademark Marvel structure work for a reason, beloved by fans who keep coming back.

‘Zero’ Review: A Look at a Real Life Superhero Through the Eyes of an Average Teen

Filmed completely in Milan with a group of mostly unknown actors, “Zero” was a new venture into foreign-produced superhero franchises for Netflix.

‘Ziwe’ Premiere Review: Give Ziwe All The Talk Shows

For those who don’t usually watch talk shows, “Ziwe” will not only be a worthwhile watch, but one that flies by, making for great binge-watching when the episodes are all out.

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