From Cannes: ‘Armageddon Time’ is a Candid Look at Privilege in 1980s New York

“Armageddon Time” is often quite a bleak depiction of inequalities in America, and it doesn’t necessarily offer any answers to these persistent issues.

From Cannes: ‘God’s Creatures' is a Quiet, Cutting Drama with a Resounding Message

The lie at the center of the film gives it a biting urgency, harnessing its intimate character portrait to speak to broader questions of loyalty, privilege, and the impact of collective complicity.

Stars On Ice Review: Figure Skating Experts Dazzle in Boston

With a mix of both individual, pair, and group performances, the show was a theatrical spectacle of bright lights, mash-ups of hit songs, and mystifying on-ice stunts.

From Cannes: 'L’Envol' Delivers Rich Visuals And A Hollow Love Story

In the early moments of “L’Envol”, the new period drama from Italian director Pietro Marcello, the screen crackles to life with grainy, worn-out film footage of towns destroyed by World War I.

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