‘The Resisters’ Resists Tropes, Falls Flat

The text’s novelty cannot overcome the fact that it will be too much baseball for some, too much technology for others, and only just right for the very few.

Everyone Needs to Watch the 'Frozen 2' Documentary

Now, in the most objective opinion of this reviewer (for whom, in the spirit of full transparency, this will be the third “Frozen 2”-related piece he’s written for The Crimson), this is misguided. Animation is serious business.

Phoebe Bridgers’s ‘Punisher’ is a Slow Burn

On “Punisher,” Bridgers doesn’t reflect anyone else’s sadness. She pulls us into her own.

Want to Watch ‘The Help’? Here Are 36 Things To Do Instead.

Want to watch “The Help?” Enjoy these Black entertainment staples instead.

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Bob Iger’s Disney: A Masterclass in Masscult Pt. I

Too many roads lead to Disney, and not all of them seem paved with gold.

Men Explain Quentin Tarantino to Me

What concessions have to be made to bestow the title of “feminist” upon his films or, alternatively, to take it away?

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