The Radical Empathy of Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

“Folklore” feels like an admission about the limitations of providing one experience alone.

‘Athlete A’ and the ‘Perfect Victim’ Problem

Do we have to force kids to relive their trauma, to prove their gymnastic potential and youthful naiveté over and over again in order to convince audiences to take sexual abuse seriously?

‘Lake Like a Mirror’ is Hazy, Murky, and Haunting

Many of the stories end with no satisfying resolution. This ambiguity can be frustrating or soothing.

‘The Resisters’ Resists Tropes, Falls Flat

The text’s novelty cannot overcome the fact that it will be too much baseball for some, too much technology for others, and only just right for the very few.

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Bob Iger’s Disney: A Masterclass in Masscult Pt. I

Too many roads lead to Disney, and not all of them seem paved with gold.

Men Explain Quentin Tarantino to Me

What concessions have to be made to bestow the title of “feminist” upon his films or, alternatively, to take it away?

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