Larissa Pham’s ‘Pop Song’ Review: A Distressing Memoir about Delusive Coping Strategies

While the "Pop Song" should be applauded for its poetic prose, intelligence, and raw honesty that will certainly resonate with young readers grappling with hurtful experiences, Pham’s vulnerability borders on trauma porn.

Welcome to Central

Looking to get out of the Harvard Square bubble, but don’t want to go across the river? Look no further than Central Square.

A Truly Unbiased Ranking of Harvard’s Upperclassmen Dining Halls

For most Harvard students, Harvard University Dining Services, or HUDS, provides the vast majority of our daily nutrition, for better or for worse.

‘Best Barbarian’ Review: A Voice That Must Be Returned To

Reeves forges ahead and puts forth an intense body of work that examines issues of race, war, and even climate change without compromising its lyricism.



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Mary Cassatt: Impressions of the World Away from Men

We can all learn to be bolder from Mary Cassatt's adventurous life and artistic experimentation, and we can appreciate the beauty of womanhood for its own sake through her sensitive depictions of the domestic sphere, which make her a stand-out figure within a radical group of artists.

When I Talk About Anime, I Am Talking About Time

When rewatching a favorite, I can recall distinctly the landscapes and people, the anxiety and aspirations, that marked the period I first watched it in. Anime has become an accidental way of assembling a chronology of my past.

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