‘RENT’ Review: 25th Anniversary Tour Has Audiences ‘Over the Moon’

Seeing “RENT” in 2021 illuminates the contrast between the height of the AIDS crisis and the treatment of HIV/AIDS today. Yet the theme of coming together in the face of an illness remains incredibly relevant.

On Anderson Cooper’s ‘Vanderbilt’: Extravagance and the American Elite

“I think it’s really monumental that the true story of the Vanderbilt family is being rewritten by a gay man, a single father,” he said.

‘In Polite Company’ Review: Gervais Hagerty Makes a Decent Debut

In her debut novel, Gervais Hagerty delivers an entertaining story about the ins and outs of Charleston culture yet falls short on its feminist sentiments.

‘For Tonight’ Review: Giveon Needs a Visit from the Honor Council

Giveon's new track, “For Tonight,” is the first single off of his upcoming debut album. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really deliver.

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