‘Shiva Baby’ Review: A Horrifically Funny Masterpiece

Overall, “Shiva Baby” shows a bright future for new, queer stories in filmmaking. It’s an expertly directed portrait of an extended family and all the complexities, questions, and deceptions that come with it.

Custody or Captivity? Britney Spears and the Problem with California’s Conservatorship Laws

On Feb. 1, 2008, a California court handed over control of Britney Spears’ life and finances to her father, Jamie.

The Harvard College Podcast Network: A New Hub of Creative Student Voices

HCPN seeks to make podcasting accessible to all individuals, emphasizing that anyone can be a podcaster.

‘Crimson Peak’ Retrospective: Del Toro’s Hallmark Fantasy Comes to Netflix

Ultimately, “Crimson Peak” is working within a distinct genre: a contemporary fairy tale told through a horror lens, with equal parts Gothic melodrama and gruesome violence.

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