‘George & Tammy’ Review: Even George and Tammy Can Only Hold On For So Long

Showtime’s “George & Tammy” is one of the many biopics currently flooding the television landscape — but it might be the best one yet.

‘Red Moon In Venus’ Review: A Celestial Music Journey

This long-anticipated album is a treat for fans as it maintaining similar musical motifs to “Sin Miedo,” while also exploring novel sounds.

“True Lies” Premiere Review: A Remake Truly No One Knew They Needed — Because They Didn’t

Though the show does make some attempts to challenge these gendered stereotypes, they are rather fruitless given the inherent sexism within the storyline itself.

‘My First Summer’ Review: Colorful and Messy and Free

“My First Summer” is diametrically opposed to my last article on “Brokeback Mountain” in terms of visibility: Neither I nor anyone I know had heard of it. But boy am I glad Letterboxd led me to this gem.



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Salgado, the Sahel, and Photography’s Biggest Dilemma

Sebastião Salgado’s book “Sahel: The End of the Road” is neither mesmerizing nor captivating. In fact, the vast majority of its images make the viewer want to look away.

Apollonia Poilâne ’07 and the Culture of Bread

Legacy. History. Institution. All of these words come to mind when thinking of the famous bakery, an almost century-old Parisian institution of which Poilâne serves as the careful custodian.

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