Portrait of an Artist: Gcina Mhlophe

"Everybody's got a story. So if I can wake up stories in other people I will always say 'mission accomplished.'"

Arts Playlist: Valentine's Day Edition

Ranging from much-hated country to beloved soul, there is bound to be a track here to play on repeat and fill the quiet, hollow void you call your love life.

Portrait of an Artist: Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota

The Crimson sat down with Sierota to talk about what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and what inspires Echosmith almost a decade later.

Elizabeth Banks Raps, Duels, and Kisses Paul Rudd at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Woman of the Year Roast

Aided by their traditionally eccentric parade and zany traditions, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals took to the streets on Jan. 31 to honor Elizabeth Banks.

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Sounding the Alarm: Turning Science into Symphony

As the climate crisis accelerates, this science-to-sound movement may play an increasingly valuable role: Music can offer scientists, vital authorities on climate change, a new pathway for public expression.

I: FLOAT (pt. 3)

Behind him, she can see the reflected moon, the wide and languorous shores of darkness surrounding it, broken only by pinpricks of diffused light. What she sees — solitary glimmerings in the distance — are stars still in the past. In the millions of miles between them and her, time has aged, transformed from past to present.

I: FLOAT (pt. 2)

All the voices that clamor for the surface appear only a string of hollow sounds that float lightly to the top, like bubbles in a flute of champagne, and sit there for a moment before each pops with a gentle explosion.

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