ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ Review: A More Mature, More Varied, Less Catchy Comeback

“Voyage” is a more mature, stylistically diverse album, but one without the disco appeal of ABBA’s greatest hits.

‘Licorice Pizza’ Review: A Delectable Serving of Nostalgia and Good Vibes

Equal parts funny and endearing, “Licorice Pizza” is about finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

‘The Shrink Next Door’ Premiere Review: This Series is Destined to Thrill

If the rest of the series follows the tone of the premiere, viewers are in for one wild ride. Each episode will reveal more about the therapist-patient relationship that turns sour. With decades of events to unpack, the show is destined to thrill.

What Basquiat Revealed to Me About Beyoncé and the Tiffany Diamond

Can commodifying art, specifically art that represents marginalized voices, ever be a means to a revolutionary end?

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