Artist Profile: Comedian Karen ‘Big Dog’ Chee on Embracing Comedy With Kindness

Karen Chee ’17 is a comedic “big dog” — or at least that’s what her coworkers call her. But what did she do to earn such a noble title?

Space Adventure Exhibition: An Accessible Trip to the Moon

Guests were able to engage interactively with an alcove full of coloring books for kids and a gift shop with all space-adjacent items one could imagine.

'Solito' Review: Is Empathy Enough?

As Zamora narrates the hardships he survived, the reader is left to grapple with the enormity of his situation and its apparent hopelessness.

Artist Profile: Stove God Cooks is Poised for the Limelight

Syracuse rapper Stove God Cooks is one of the most distinctive and exciting artists to emerge from the Northeast hip-hop underground in decades.



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The Purge

Graffitied murals, overgrown weeds, cracked support pillars, and displaced residents lie below the trail. A closer inspection of the scene reveals the harsh reality of the 606 and other public projects that indirectly trigger gentrification.

Three Little Birds: Yared’s Inspiration From Above

This story takes us to the center of the Yaredian and one might say Ethiopian philosophy of music. It tells us that music does not come from within us, but reveals itself through us after descending from on high.

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