Building a More Robust, Equitable House System

In light of the elevated tension within these House communities, we are compelled to ask: What role do the Houses play in the undergraduate experience? How can House administrations ensure that this role is a positive one?


A Message to the Class of 2019

Life comes at you fast. As you enter different fields of human endeavor, your ethical decisions and personal choices will reverberate with social significance in ways that you may not yet realize.


Activists, Keep Putting the Heat on Harvard

The challenges we face at Harvard and beyond its gates are immense. Harvard should recognize and celebrate the energy that protesters bring in demanding solutions. We support students and activists.

What Admission to Harvard Really Means

We need to ask ourselves what admission to Harvard means in terms of its criteria and its purpose. Is admission just another award bestowed on elite applicants, or is it more? We believe it must be the latter.

High Time for Marijuana Research

Harvard has hit the green with this donation — as marijuana use becomes more widespread, research in this under-studied field becomes increasingly important.


Forward Together

As we end this year, I am recommitting myself to hearing you, to engaging with you, and to seeking common ground and areas of agreement. To find this common ground, we need your voices, your advocacy, and your ideas.

Navigating the Dilemma of Uncertainty

It’s hard to demonstrate what you know — to produce amazing results — and at the same time honor what you don’t know — the not-knowing, the messy process of coming to know.

Exploring The Crimson’s Stigma Among Communities of Color

If we call those ghosts for what they are, if we sit with them, and then work to make their presence less salient — we can move towards making The Crimson an organization where anyone, regardless of their background, can thrive.

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