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The (Mis)Education of ChatGPT

Schools that are too trigger-happy with bans on AI will run the risk of placing their students at a serious educational and competitive disadvantage, particularly relative to other countries that may be more receptive to AI than our own. Education must prepare young people for the future — and the future seems to involve a great deal of ChatGPT.

Why It’s Important to Break Down Paywalls

Rather than treating publicly shared research as a commodity, journals should consider removing paywalls to make education more equitable. Everybody deserves the opportunity to engage with the cutting edge of human ingenuity, and removing paywalls is an important first step in that direction.


It isn’t difficult to solicit the perspective of the people whose culture is being appropriated before promoting a product or homogenizing a new phrase. And to those that tell us that that’s too much to ask, I say… Be f-cking for real.

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By The Crimson Editorial Board

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To All Those Involved in the Comaroff Walkouts

For the second semester in a row, alleged abuser Professor John L. Comaroff is back in the classroom, while students chant in unison, fervently hoping that their voices — loud as ever — might just induce the administration to act. In the long fight against this alleged abuser, we must all continue to beat the drum until justice is won.

Kenneth Roth: The One that (Almost) Got Away

The best apology Harvard can give Kenneth Roth is its improvement. We hope it will. We hope this incident will serve as an opportunity for Harvard to boldly and ambitiously double down on its commitment to academic freedom in hiring University-wide.

Good Day, President Gay

Starting July 2023, a Black woman will proudly claim Harvard’s highest office — becoming the first Black president and president of color in the history of the University. Her impending tenure provides an unprecedented, deeply resonant model of leadership for millions across the country and the globe; we hope its effect will be equally transformative in sparking change.


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“Free Merch” Isn’t Free for the Planet

School spirit is great — but so is the need to preserve the environment of the only planet we have. I’d be willing to trade in a few sweatshirts for the latter.

Harvard Needs a Rat Liaison

All I could think about, as I tried to fall asleep that terrifying night, is why we need a specialized rat liaison — not just the multipurpose tool of Yard Ops — here at Harvard. More than a sassy guide, we need a compassionate, human individual to guide us in our legitimate rat-inspired plight.

Palestinian Freedom Goes Beyond Giving Kenneth Roth a Fellowship

To call for accountability means to go beyond echoing the politically neutral call for free speech and ask ourselves difficult questions: In silencing Kenneth Roth, what was Harvard trying to shield its students from? And in reinstating his fellowship without addressing its own considerable bias, who does Harvard continue to silence?


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A More Rigorous Humanities

Humanities courses need to challenge their students to know the material thoroughly and to have considered its significance deeply. In other words, they need to be more rigorous.

Spaces as Shadows of Memory

Dear readers, in this last column piece, I leave you with a challenge: The next time you’re in a shared space, one filled with joy and hope, appreciate it in its entirety. The mental snapshot you take of that moment in time will decrease in clarity as time passes, but the value you found in that space — and similar shared spaces — need not.

Neptune in Aquarius Generation

When I started this column several months ago, I asked you to run away into the stars with me. I hope you have marveled at what you found alongside me. I hope you have fallen in love with yourself through astrology’s external view of yourself. I hope you will continue to love and cherish yourself.

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