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A Post-Covid Marshall Plan

As a community and a nation, we should take seriously the joint public/private responsibility to advance the collective good. Progress in a complex world means that we can no more excuse private institutions from doing their fair share than we can rely entirely on the government to solve every problem alone.

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You Should Care About Electing Harvard’s Next Overseers

Alumni should care about electing people who are passionate about holding the University to its highest ideals, and this election is the only way for most alumni — aside from major donors — to influence the University’s direction. In Harvard’s governance structure, only overseers are truly democratically elected; the University president and members of the Corporation are all appointed by a handful of executives.

Seek First to Understand Trump Supporters

As revolted as we are, we can’t let our anger get the better of us. I am deeply worried by comments from those who hastily wrote off all elected officials as hopelessly corrupted or worse, or those who wrote off all Trump supporters as misogynists and racists. How quickly, in our well-justified rage, do we ascribe motives and labels to 74 million fellow citizens!

Why the United States Needs More than Just a Vaccine

But moments devastated by crisis are also moments pregnant with opportunity. The lockdown has given many of us a valuable chance to slow down and reflect — to question our priorities, reimagine our economic system, and wonder if our society should be, or could be, organized differently.

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Cruz, Mast, Stefanik: All We Should Not Be

Part of what drove us to this point — part of why a cornerstone of American democracy found itself collapsed by violence — was the lack of sharp, unambiguous censure of the president's conduct by elected officials and social media platforms. So let us be perfectly clear: we unequivocally condemn the insurrection and its perpetrators.

Hope Springs Eternal

We’re no doubt worried about what’s to come — we’ve still got a tough way to go. But on balance, the College has done a solid job — in the material of its plan and the specificity of its communication.

Undergraduate Council: Year in Review

In the UC, we deserve a better advocate — one that can come up with thoughtful, targeted policy proposals and engage in sustained discussions, over years, if need be, with the University.


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A Fading Party on the Hill

What is becoming more and more clear is that committing the party to fight a neverending “culture war” is not only a recipe for electoral rebuke from an increasingly socially liberal electorate, but a decision that will condemn the nation to a no-holds-barred race to the bottom of moral and intellectual desolation.

Oh, America ... What Are You?

Growing up in Venezuela, I constantly encountered ideas such as “The American Dream.” I looked up to the United States as the example of how a country should function. Whenever my country’s situation worsened, many people around me would migrate to the U.S., searching for better opportunities — sometimes not even better opportunities, just any opportunity. What I saw on January 6 made me question all these beliefs. What is “America,” really?

Why Comparing White Nationalists to BLM Protestors is Harmful

I could list a dozen comparisons between this rampage and last year’s Black Lives Matter protests; but it would be immoral and unnecessary. The two should not be compared, because they are not the same. Equating the motivations of Black Lives Matter protests to the recklessness behind the Capitol riots weakens our fight for equality and justice.


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Lepidoptery, Literature, and Liberal Arts

I am suggesting that, when distaste rises at the thought of a writing assignment or a quantitative distribution requirement threatens to puncture a paper-lined bubble, we approach it instead with the same curiosity we do our own concentrations.

How We Move Forward

If history has taught us anything, it’s that we have incredible possibilities ahead of us — and I look forward to these endless surprises most beautiful.

An Orchestra Fit for Harvard

An orchestra as fine as Harvard’s shouldn’t be taken for granted. HRO at its best sounds like what it is — a group made up of conservatory-level players who happen to also have a penchant for academics.

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