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Students Deserve Harvard’s Support, Not Hollow Reassurances

We demand that Harvard prioritize the critical needs of students, especially marginalized students. No more inaction disguised in meaningless buzzwords.

Fall 2020: 100 Percent Online, 40 Percent Residential, 0 Percent Certain

We’re grateful for Harvard’s caution when it comes to public health, but student life concerns — now spread across the globe — require the same rigorous consideration.

Harvard’s Chinese Community Must Speak Against China’s Atrocities

I call on Harvard’s Chinese community to stand in solidarity with the Uighurs. Carry the “Veritas” torches of Harvard to shed light on racial injustice and fight against the unfolding genocide in China.

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What I Learned From My First Lockdown

As we rebuild our education system to suit an online world, we also have the unique opportunity to reimagine it.

What’s the Value of a Virtual Education?

We chose Harvard not just because it has the best education in the world, but also because it has the best people. It is our hope that, even remotely, every undergraduate continues to get the best of both.

Immigrant Heritage Month and the Long-Ignored Displacement Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately threatens the survival of vulnerable migrants and displaced persons, especially refugees, and the U.S. is not doing nearly enough to help.


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We Will Overcome: The Part of Black People You Can’t Choke

To honor our brothers George and Ahmaud, our sister Breonna, and all that came before them, we cannot, as a black community, lose hope in the face of America’s seemingly permanent systemic racism.

On Writing Pasefika Presence: The Pressures of Representation

I continue to write in the hopes that one day, Pasefika presence will not have to be continuously and forcefully asserted in order to remain visible.

Supporting Everything Black Is Stupid

The way we can prevent the need for painful revisions of our perfect and simple histories is to write them with a nuanced perspective in real-time.

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