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What Carried Us Through This Homecoming Semester

Picking up our lives at Harvard, or starting them, however, came in fits. After a year of loss and estrangement, we want to pause and ask: How has it felt to come together again this semester, and what carried you through it?

Rank and Add Voting: Do it Right, UC

The New York City Board of Elections decimated public confidence in instant-runoff voting by running a sloppy, incompetent mayoral election. The UC should avoid doing the same for Rank and Add.

Coffee Break is No Real Classroom To Table

Eating with others is inherently and historically a social endeavor, a cornerstone of how we interact and bond with family, friends, and everyone in between. Coffee-drinking, on the other hand, is nice enough but brief. Even the new initiative’s name, with the inclusion of ‘break,’ seems to emphasize conciseness, a short respite from work rather than an experience in and of itself.

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American Youth Know Democracy is Failing

As young people who believe our democracy is in danger, we must not become disengaged, but rather raise our voices even louder. Diagnosing the problem is the easy part; finding solutions is not.

A Bittersweet Deal

We are glad that HGSU-UAW managed to secure substantial pay increases, and that its membership felt satisfied enough to support a new contract and prevent a second strike. Union members must now fight to ensure the agreement isn't a death kiss, to continue spreading awareness of union activity and key issues like third party arbitration without the mobilizing force of contract negotiations, and fundraising without agency shop provisions.

Slashes To The Chronicle Are Only The Canary in The Coal Mine

Saltzman, who has left the paper for a teaching job at Boston University, has been replaced by another full-time employee, so at least one other individual is left to man the ship. But her departure and column cast a glaring light on the decimation of the Chronicle’s staff and, more broadly, the wilting state of local journalism.


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Why Harvard’s Performative Culture is Good

When it comes to some campus issues, then, I might consider myself a campus-libertarian of sorts. And in this way I’m optimistic. It’s true: Harvard hasn’t listened to us well. But, if we want to transform our school’s culture, the power lies in the student body’s hands.

On Paper I Am White, But in Life I Am Not

Labeling us as white actively erases our experiences as Arab Americans. From 2015 to 2018, the yearly number of anti-Arab hate crimes more than doubled from 37 to 82. Despite the discrimination we faced and continue to face, we are not entitled access to remedies for our mistreatment because we are not recognized as our own group under federal law. We are white by law, but do not enjoy the social privileges of whiteness.

"It's Good to be Back”: Experiencing Sexual Misconduct on Campus

With so many men — and women — acting as enablers, it feels pointless to push back. Why bother? I’ve asked myself this many times this semester. Years of gaslighting have worked on me. Anxious not to seem bitter or sensitive or like I’m playing the victim, I can instead convince myself that I’m being dramatic. I can continue to go to parties and have a waist ready to be grabbed and a lower back eager to be touched. I can continue to show up and accept what I now know is reality.


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A More Rigorous Humanities

Humanities courses need to challenge their students to know the material thoroughly and to have considered its significance deeply. In other words, they need to be more rigorous.

Spaces as Shadows of Memory

Dear readers, in this last column piece, I leave you with a challenge: The next time you’re in a shared space, one filled with joy and hope, appreciate it in its entirety. The mental snapshot you take of that moment in time will decrease in clarity as time passes, but the value you found in that space — and similar shared spaces — need not.

Neptune in Aquarius Generation

When I started this column several months ago, I asked you to run away into the stars with me. I hope you have marveled at what you found alongside me. I hope you have fallen in love with yourself through astrology’s external view of yourself. I hope you will continue to love and cherish yourself.

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