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Balancing the Story of Harvard and Slavery

Both white and Black Americans have been fighting for racial equality at least since the time of the American Revolution — which is why we no longer have slavery and legal segregation in the United States. Today’s popular one-sided view is effective propaganda, but terrible history.

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If Harvard Wants to Lead on Climate, It Must Drop David Rubenstein

Here at Harvard, the call for Rubenstein is this: recuse or resign. Legal ethics 101 says he should have removed himself from votes within the Harvard Corporation that relate to the University’s response to the climate crisis years ago. If he can’t take this basic step now, he should immediately resign from the Harvard Corporation. It’s time for Harvard to do what it has promised: put people and the planet over profit.

I Am Palestinian and I Stand With The Crimson

For the first time at Harvard, I feel heard as a Palestinian. When The Crimson Editorial Board published their unequivocal backing of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel, I felt that a milestone had been reached.

I Won’t Get In a Public Elevator

When I see someone getting into the elevator with my disabled peers, I will not assume their able-bodiedness or ponder whether they are up-to-date on their testing cadences. I will simply hope they have no other choice but to ride the elevator.

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By The Crimson Editorial Board

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The Legacy of Slavery at Harvard

As Harvard continues to reckon with its racist elements past and present, student input is key. A committee of student leaders and activists would be able to speak personally about how Harvard can actively support Black and Indigenous students. The Legacy of Slavery report has provided a solid scholarly foundation: Students will provide a personal perspective.

A Generation Adrift?

Harvard’s money and expertise provide an opportunity to help not only our own students but countless others who would benefit from our research. We have the power not only to help those directly afflicted but to serve a nation that will one day depend on a generation now adrift. We must exercise that power. Lives depend on it.

Problematic Proctoring

We want to make one thing clear: This is a labor issue, a labor trend even. Time and time again, when push comes to shove and Harvard faces economic difficulty, it is those with the least institutional power that must pick up the slack. This systematic undervaluing of lower-paid, less “prestigious” labor is unjust and wide-ranging. It’s by no means the first time that Harvard has failed to treat its workers fairly.


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Reckoning With Harvard’s Ties to Slavery Requires Prison Divestment and Prison Education

If the institution would support a college-in-prison program, I would, along with other faculty and students, help to make it a reality. Could some of those $100 million dollars allocated towards reckoning with Harvard’s legacy of slavery be directed towards the liberation of people who are still not free?

Want to Change the World After Graduation? Unionize Your New Job

In all likelihood, you will be entering a non-union workplace upon graduation — but you can fix that!

I Am a Crimson Editor and I Stand with Israel

When my people and our homeland come under attack, I will not stay silent. I am still a Crimson editor, but this editorial does not represent me; I do and always will stand with Israel.


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A More Rigorous Humanities

Humanities courses need to challenge their students to know the material thoroughly and to have considered its significance deeply. In other words, they need to be more rigorous.

Spaces as Shadows of Memory

Dear readers, in this last column piece, I leave you with a challenge: The next time you’re in a shared space, one filled with joy and hope, appreciate it in its entirety. The mental snapshot you take of that moment in time will decrease in clarity as time passes, but the value you found in that space — and similar shared spaces — need not.

Neptune in Aquarius Generation

When I started this column several months ago, I asked you to run away into the stars with me. I hope you have marveled at what you found alongside me. I hope you have fallen in love with yourself through astrology’s external view of yourself. I hope you will continue to love and cherish yourself.

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