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Health Disparities Close to Home

We need to continue to come together as one medical, public health, and scientific community, not only to respond to the moment – but to pay attention to what we are learning and be ready for what comes next.

We Can Go Farther Together

As the graduating Class of 2020 leaves Harvard, they enter a world where they can make a different choice. They can choose to work together, to embrace knowledge from, and create knowledge with partners from around the world.

For the Public Interest

You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned it, and you should celebrate as much as you can in this socially distanced moment. But remember, it’s not the degree that’s special — it’s the opportunity to make the most of it.

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Sounding like a Stranger

I try to rebirth and redefine our history within the contexts of my books and lectures and to find space within my people’s tradition for a remixed language that is both broken and Harvardesque.

The First Generation

We are the first to have every stage of our life upended by the powerful and modern mix of climate change, digitization, and globalization — let’s call this the connected world.


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On Writing Pasefika Presence: The Pressures of Representation

I continue to write in the hopes that one day, Pasefika presence will not have to be continuously and forcefully asserted in order to remain visible.

Supporting Everything Black Is Stupid

The way we can prevent the need for painful revisions of our perfect and simple histories is to write them with a nuanced perspective in real-time.

What Coronavirus Should Tell Us about How We Eat Meat

The way we eat meat is unsustainable; the pandemic is just making that irresponsibility more obvious.

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