What Harvard Teaches Powerful Men

Harvard is irrevocably tied to the #MeToo movement; the movement’s message is one for which our administration must advocate.


Leading the Charge for the World You Deserve

Many in your class will have the option to join the ranks of the most privileged and powerful. But you also have the option to take another road, to challenge that world of power and privilege, and to transform it.


Expanding the Diversity Conversation

Not every series of initiatives can be harmonious. This is in no small part because identities will clash, as this year’s controversies have shown.

The Faust Era

While we have not always agreed with University President Drew G. Faust, Harvard has, by and large, benefited from her judgement, constancy, and restraint.

​Grinspoon, Reconsidered

The immense good Grinspoon’s novel research has done for not only his discipline but for societal issues and law reform is difficult to dismiss and warrants recognition.


The Indecorous HGSU-UAW

The HGSU-UAW rushes on, but for it to be a durable institution that brings meaningful, positive change to Harvard, it must start thinking beyond the merely legal.

Using Your Opportunity to Lead

The question for each of you as you go on to the next phase in your life is how will you use your voice, your vote, and your activism?

It's Not All About Harvard

Harvard can take you places, but it will never replace who you are. It can mold you, but it will never fully become you.

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Let the Storm Come

The society described in “1984”—a world in which humans’ capacity for original thought is confined through increasingly-simplistic diction—is a stone’s throw from the one in which we live today.

Summer Postcards 2018

A City of Beauteous Mixes of Colors

The night lamps caressed the cars, homes, and passerbys nicely, but there were more details to be seen.


Church and State(liness) in the South

Alabama’s relationship with Christianity is far more intimate than colloquial phrases and rooftop crosses may suggest.


Why We Write

Here I am. Writing yet another column (hoping I don’t cringe reading it later). Throwing yet another opinion into the void like a tree falling in a forest, hoping the sound reverberates.


'Fan' Rule

Fans have always had some power to take the object of their love into their own hands. But increasingly, fans can do more than create alternatives and supplements. They can affect the works themselves.

Summer Postcards 2018

Summer Postcard: Cheap Thrills

I love the way that Amsterdam makes voyeurs out of us all, whether we buy into it (via two-euro peep shows) or just happen to stumble into a burlesque show.


Hollywood’s Harvard Problem

The sanitized version of Harvard often seen in television and film is as false as the supposed shots of the University, many of which are filmed at UCLA.

Summer Postcards 2018

Summer Postcard: Spectacle

People will tell you the upcoming men’s World Cup is about football. It isn’t.