WHAT is the law of the conditioned? 33 1/3 per cent.

SINCE the Glee Club has sung at morning prayers, it has pleased the good doctor to give out four verses instead of the accustomed two.

OPENING "Assembly" next Tuesday.

IT seems to be a prevailing opinion among the express. men and teamsters of Cambridge, that the short-cuts through the Yard are thoroughfares of travel kept open for their especial convenience. This mistaken idea causes much annoyance, especially to classes reciting in University.

THE Vandals are among us. Yesterday morning the virtuous prayer-goer was shocked at the sight of sundry inscriptions about the entrance of the Chapel, and, it is believed, the matutinal meditations of many were disturbed by the circumstance. We tender the authors of this brilliant joke our congratulations on their glorious achievement. We should like to be introduced to them.

CLASS election of '74 last Wednesday.

DIFFERENCE between a vein and a treadmill? The gore flows in one, and in the other the floor goes.

THE Class-Day officers will soon feel at home in their positions. Most of them are already acclimated.

IT is a free country. This is supposed to be the principle on which the University Bookstore charges $ 1.50 or $ 1.75 for the same volume, according to the taste and fancy of the polite clerk.

THE opening of a new restaurant and a good one is a matter of congratulation. Without any unnecessary display of frescoing and tapestry, Messrs. Smith and Chamberlain have fitted up a neat and comfortable room, where the very best may be obtained at moderate prices. The seductive billiard-table is present in large numbers in the hall attached to the premises.

WE are glad to learn that Freshmen have such respect for their instructor in Ethics, that they attend recitations in full dress.

QUERY. - Can the misery of students caused by unannounced examinations be properly considered in the next Junior theme?

WE are sorry to see that slips are cut from the files in the Reading-Room. It is annoying in looking for an article to find that it has been cut out.

A NUMBER of students in the Zoological courses made an excursion to Lynn and Nahant last Saturday, and succeeded in obtaining some very good specimens for future examination.

SEVERAL men were heard to cry "Spife."

PISCATORY orbs Thursday morning.

THE Everett Athenaeum, now established on a firm basis, is, in every respect, in the most flourishing condition. Two new features of enjoyment have this year been introduced, through the enterprise of the present Sophomore Class, though they are in no wise intended to interfere with its distinctively literary character: first, singing in the Yard, which exhibits excellent training, and shows the society to possess many fine voices; second, occasional theatrical entertainments. For this purpose, they have enlarged the stage in Upper Holden, and obtained a proscenium, curtain, and an excellent stock of scenery. The first performance takes place this evening, and we have no doubt will prove highly successful.