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Native American Nonprofit Accuses Harvard of Violating Federal Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


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HEREAFTER, in the Catalogue, after the names of those who have already graduated at other Colleges, will be put the degrees they have received, with the names of the Colleges which conferred them.

IN the article called "Engravings," in our last number, the name of the artist who copied the Melencolia was given as J. Behau; it should have been H. S. Beham.

DE POTATIONE.AD primum morsum, si non potavero mort sum,

Gaudea sunt nobis maxima dum bibi bis;

Ad trimum potum laetus sum, dum bibi totum

Laetificat quartus cor, caput, atque latus,

In quinto potu, vasto potamus hiatu.

Dulcis et ipse cibus dum bibo sex vicibus,

Potu septeno laetus cum corpore pleno,

O nos felices octo bibendi vices.

Nona cherubinum pingit potatio nasum,

Si decies bibero cornua fronte gero.

Undenaque vice tibi praebibo dulcis amice,

Et his post decies est mihi tota quies,

Postea dico satis sed cum potavero gratis,

Tantillum digitum laetus eo cubitum.

"SPECIAL Artists" connected with Frank Leslie's and the Harper's illustrated Magazines, have been about the College grounds for the past few days, sketching the Museum, and the chair in which Agassiz sat, Appleton Chapel, etc.

A "FATHER" who was reading the report of some college meeting, in which the names of many undergraduates and their classes were given, - Mr. - '74, Mr. - '75, etc., - asked his son how it was that so many of the students seemed to occupy the same room.

AN impromptu hunt occurred the other day through the open spaces of a well-filled lecture-room, in which the Professor, the Assistant-Professor, and a very large hound - supposed to have some "blood" in him - took prominent parts. The hound was finally captured and thrust into the adjoining-laboratory; he has not been seen since, and is supposed to be missing.

The Freshman Elections.THE Freshman Class held a meeting in the upper hall of Massachusetts, Tuesday afternoon, to elect officers for the coming season. A good deal of interest in the result was shown; aroused partly by the editorial in the last number of the Advocate. However, no resignations were necessary, as the present officers were elected to serve only till Christmas.

Mr. W. N. Swift was chosen Chairman and Mr. Harwood Secretary of the meeting. After voting that the term of office end with the beginning of the next Academic year, the Class proceeded to elect the following officers, using the check-list: Captain of the Crew, Mr. W. J. Otis of the Scientific School; Secretary and Treasurer of the Boat Club, Mr. A. B. Denny; Captain of the Ball Nine, Mr. H. C. Leeds; Secretary and Treasurer of the Ball Club, Mr. A. C. Tower; Captain of the Foot-Ball Club, Mr. H. W. Cushing; Secretary and Treasurer of the Foot-Ball Club, Mr. F. C. Hatch. Thanks to Mr. Swift, there was good order throughout the meeting.

Is there any rule of morals, or even a sophistical argument by which it can be proved that a promise made to the editor of a college paper is to be broken if possible?

THE Lecture-Room of the Museum, in which Agassiz for the last time spoke in public, has been heavily draped in black.

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