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ON Menona Lake afloat,

Lightly rocked a little boat;

Fishers three,


Laughing, caught the speckled trout.

On Menona Lake afloat,

Drifted slow the little boat;

Fishers two,

Fishers few,

Dreamy silence all about.

Lashes long and azure eyes

Where mysterious lights arise,

Cupid lips,


Giving swift magnetic thrills.

Homeward meadows wandered through,

Tangled woods explored anew,

Brown eyes meet

Blue eyes sweet,

Swift surprise each bosom fills.

Moonlight strolls through ivy bowers,

Dances chasing happy hours;

Summer gone,

Leaves forlorn

Strew the bower benches drear.

Winter storms may come and go,

Ever this we surely know, -

Steadfast hearts

Nothing parts,

Joy smiles o'er meadows sere.

Howling winds their courses run,

Lower sinks the autumn sun,

Lips have met,

Eyes are wet,

While the steamer parts from shore.

Though the summer boats now glide

On Menona's peaceful tide,

Eyes of blue,

Tender, true,

Will return, ah! nevermore.

Summer skies their colors trace

On the lakelet's glassy face;

Ruined boat,

Still afloat,

Haunts Menona's reedy shores;

And when sunset's golden ray

Night is chasing fast away,

Spirits twain,

Met again,

Softly ply its broken oars.

C. W. S.

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