New Books.

Statistics and Prayer. Culture and Religion. Two Sermons. By L. G. MYLNE, M. A., Tutor of Keble College, Oxford. Boston: A. Williams and Company. 1873.

WE are indebted to the Rev. Mr. Grafton, of the Church of the Advent, Boston, for this pamphlet. Although sermons do not form as large a part of college reading as might be desired, still the character of the two mentioned above may gain for them something of the attention which is usually bestowed upon literature of a lighter sort. The first is an able refutation of that unscientific theory - as it seems to many - advocated by Tyndall, which seeks to estimate the value of prayer by a test applicable only to human science, and which implies something very like omniscience in those who are to make the experiment.

The second, "Culture and Religion," is rather designed to prove the insufficiency of "Culture" and the falsity of its teaching, than to show how culture and religion may be blended, or what the relation between them should be. The subject is certainly interesting, and becoming more so every day.

Life in Santo Domingo. By a SETTLER. Boston: A. Williams & Co. 1873.

DID not Mr. Richard B. Kimball (who is he?) vouch for the authenticity of this work, in the Preface which accompanies it, we should be inclined to doubt the truth of this description of West-Indian life, as well as the reality of the Settler. But whether Mr. R. B. K. and the Settler are one and the same person, or merely intimate friends, and whether the Settler ever settled in Santo Domingo or not, are unimportant questions, since the book is at all events an entertaining one.

The pleasures of life in Santo Domingo, and the opportunities for gain afforded by that delightful island, are so clearly set forth, that we may safely predict an immediate influx of "settlers," and the ultimate success of the Samana Bay Company.