NEWLY elected officers of College Societies: -

Christian Brethren.Pres., A. J. Hopkins; Sec., T. C. Pease; Treas., R. Montague; Librarian, C. H. Barrows.

H. P. C.Pres., J. J. Minot; Vice-Pres., G. P. Sanger, Jr.; Sec., F. C. Faulkner; Treas., G. W. Van Nest.


Harvard Nat. Hist. Society.Pres., C. E. Monroe; Vice-Pres., F. O. Vaille; Cor. Sec., R. B. Warder; Rec. Sec., E. S. Mills; Treas., D. Sears; Librarian, N. D. C. Hodges.

THE portraits by Copley in Massachusetts Hall have lately been photographed. It is understood that they are to be reproduced by the heliotype process to serve for illustrations in a book relating to art by Mr. C. C. Perkins soon to be published.

BY the new rules of Amherst Agricultural College, an absentee from a college exercise, if unexcused, is fined a dollar. In case of ten unexcused absences, he is liable to separation from the college.

THE six men at present rowing on the Freshman crew are Hodges (stroke), Otis, Hall, Nickerson, Green, and Weld (bow).

THE Pierian Sodality and Glee Club will give their last concert of the season at Lyceum Hall, Tuesday evening, June 17. The selections, so far as determined upon, are, -

Overture, Don Giovanni. Vintage Song, Mendelssohn. Voyage, Mendelssohn. Titt'l's Serenade. Chorus of Priests, from the Magic Flute. On the Rhine waltzes, Keler Bela. Sleep, thou Wild Rose, Abt, Turkish March (probably), Mendelssohn; and solos for piano, flute, and violoncello.

The price of admission tickets will be fifty cents; reserved seats, seventy-five cents.

THE Beacon Cup Races took place June 3, and were far more spirited and evenly contested than for many years past. In the race for First Crews the Juniors, notwithstanding the exhaustion naturally attendant upon an examination in Metaphysics and Logic, easily won; Freshmen second. The following are the names of the different class crews: -