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H. U. B. C.

Amendments to the Constitution to be proposed at the Meeting next Monday.


TO ART. V. add

The Treasurer, who shall be a graduate of the University, and a member of the Boat Club, shall hold office for a period of three years, beginning with the year 1874, and shall be elected with the other officers every third year.

At the time of his election, and before entering upon his duties, he shall give bonds to the amount of ($2, 000) two thousand dollars, deposited to the satisfaction of the rest of the Executive Committee, who shall thereon give him a certificate of his Treasuryship, signed by the President and Secretary.

ART. VI. SEC. 2.

After the words "development as oarsmen," the rest of the section shall be omitted, and shall read:-

- oarsmen. For such purposes, and for no others, the Captain can draw money from the Treasurer, giving him a receipt thereof, and rendering an account of all sums thus received before the first Monday of the academic year, and this account shall be incorporated in the Treasurer's annual report. He shall certify to all bills for such purposes, and shall, according to Art. VII. Section 5, sign any necessary money-order to the Treasurer, for the use of the Regatta Agent.

TO ART. VII. add the two following sections:-

SECT. 8. To help the Assistant Treasurer collect subscriptions, the Executive Committee may appoint a student, to whom they shall pay not exceeding five (5) cents on a dollar of the money collected by him.

SECT. 9. In order to relieve the Captain of the University Crew, they shall appoint from among the officers or members of the Boat Club, excepting the Treasurer or any member of the University Crew, a Regatta Agent, who shall be responsible to the Club for the performance of all the duties attendant on preparing, sending, and maintaining a University Crew at the Annual Regatta, except the discipline of the Crew and other duties, which the Captain retains to himself.

He shall receive money for these purposes from the Treasurer, on an appropriation by the Executive Committee, signed by the President; or, in case the appropriation proves insufficient, during the vacation, on an order from the Captain. He shall give his receipt to the Treasurer for the same, and render an account thereof, duly signed, together with the balance on hand, to the Treasurer, before the first Monday of the academic year, and this amount shall be incorporated in the Treasurer's annual report.

TO ART. VIII. add the six following sections:-

TREASURYSHIP.SECT. 2. At the beginning of each academic year the Treasurer shall consult with and advise the Assistant Treasurer as to the total expenses for the coming year, the sources of revenue, and the total amount to be collected by subscription.

SECT. 3. The amount to be raised by subscription shall be divided among the different classes in the following proportion: 35 per cent from the Freshmen Class; 25 per cent from the Junior and Sophomore Classes respectively; and 15 per cent from the Senior Class.

No class shall be allowed to enter a crew at the Spring Term Class Races which has not, at the time of the race, subscribed and paid to the full amount of its assessment, and paid all debts owed to the University Boat Club; and at least three days before the race the Assistant Treasurer shall report to the President of the H. U. B. C. any Class having thus failed, and the President shall immediately send notice thereof to the Captains of the crews of that Class.

SECT. 4. Within two weeks of the election of officers, the Assistant Treasurer shall have printed in either or both of the college papers a list of the club's property, the sum of the probable expenses for the coming year, and the amount to be collected from each Class, by subscription as above.

Failing to comply with this article, the President of the H. U. B. C. shall impose a fine of $25.00 on the Assistant Treasurer, to be collected thereon by the Treasurer.

SECT. 5. On the last Saturday of every month during the academic year, and omitting the month of December, the Assistant Treasurer shall meet the Treasurer at his office, give over to him all the money in his possession, receiving a receipt for the same, which he shall keep on file. He shall then submit to the inspection of the Treasurer all subscription papers, whether collected or not, a full account of all the boat rests and rents therefrom, and of all club property.

In the next college paper the Assistant Treasurer shall have inserted the amount of all money raised by whatever means, and the amounts that remain to be subscribed or paid by each Class, according to the assessment provided for in Section 3 of this article.

Failing to comply with these provisions, the Assistant Treasurer shall be subject to a fine of $5.00 for each omission, to be imposed and collected as above.

SECT. 6. The Assistant Treasurer, who shall not be on the University Crew, shall solicit and collect subscriptions and all debts due the club, but shall not pay any bills, or disburse any money.

The Treasurer, besides paying the tax and insurance on club property, shall pay no bill that is not certified by the President, or Captain, or Regatta Agent.

SECT. 7. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the H. U. B. C. shall be, ex officio, auditors of the Treasurer's accounts, which shall be submitted to them in such time that their report in writing thereon may be laid before the annual meeting of the club, together with the Treasurer's report. The auditors may fill any vacancy in their number by special appointment.

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