A FEW photographs of the Harvard-McGill football match are to be had at Williams and Everett's in Boston; as the number is limited, those desirous of obtaining any would do well to do so as soon as possible.

THE Index, with many improvements, will be out after the Christmas recess.

PROFESSOR BOCHER'S lectures on Moliere will be resumed on Saturday the 5th, at the usual time.

A SHOOTING-CLUB has been formed by graduates, and we learn that good shots who are members of the University will have a chance to join.

AMONG the recent additions to the Library have been several unique and valuable classics, the gift of Mr. J. A. Stevens of New York, class of '46.


A NEW musical society, the Mixolydian Quintette Club, has been organized for the purpose of playing sacred music. The repertoire of the society consists already of Mendelssohn's 42d Psalm, Farmer's Mass, Haydn's III., VII., and IX. Masses, and other standard works.


Flushed with satiety,

What is there left for me

In earth beside,

As I float dreamily

Over the vapory sea,

Rocked by its tide?

Lingering, now hastening by,

Through the warm summer sky,