PRESIDENT ELIOT sailed from Liverpool last Wednesday.

THE day fixed on for the foot-ball match between Harvard and McGill University is May 12.

CAN you put eight queens on a chess-board without their checking each other?

THE book of autographs of the Senior Class will be found at Richardson's the middle of next week.

A PUBLIC-SPIRITED Senior has purchased a dozen pairs of English sparrows for the yard, and they will soon be colonized in our elm-trees.

WE are informed by a person who has been there that a new and very useful engraving-stand has been placed in the Library.

REV. J. S. DIMAN, Professor of History in Brown University, will preach in the College Chapel next Sunday evening, April 26.

TAPPAN, '76, and Herrick, '77, intend entering for the Bennett cup at Saratoga. Phillips, from Cornell, will enter; but Bowie, the victor of last year, will not.

THE Scientific Crew is now made up, and is in good practice. It consists of M. James, stroke; S. Perkins, Jr., 2; E. D. Thayer, Jr., 3; G. W. Irving, 4; H. Denton, 5; and B. C. Davis, bow.

WE respectfully submit to the authorities that the practice of putting tarred bands around the trees is demoralizing. Three Seniors wasted a whole afternoon, the other day, in betting on the order in which the different bugs would get above the tar.

WE had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Norton's lecture yesterday, at the Parker Fraternity Rooms, on the "Life of Turner," It was a thoroughly interesting lecture, though, from its subject, it could not be other than very sad. The collection is finely arranged on the walls, and contains 135 plates. We advise every one to see the collection, and attend the next lecture on May 2.

THE Cercle Francais has made arrangements for obtaining a room in Hollis or Stoughton, next year, which it will occupy in common with Der Verein. The society is in a very flourishing condition; has subscribed to several Continental newspapers; and has already founded a library, which consists of nearly a hundred volumes. It is hoped that, by the liberality of the members, this number will rapidly increase. Mr. F. J. Stimson has been elected librarian.

THE general delay among the Seniors in completing the list of answers to the Class Secretary's catechism must have become very exasperating. At least so it might be supposed from the bloodthirsty request in his late pronunciamento, " that those who have not written their lives will finish them immediately."

THE St. Paul's Society have been decorating their room with handsome paper and bordering. The wainscot has been painted, the ceiling whitewashed, and several other repairs are to be made.

THE Class of '74 held a meeting in M. U. H. last Tuesday, to elect a Class Poet, in place of C. A. Mackintosh, resigned. Mr. Richmond having been elected President, MR. ERNEST FRANCISCO FENOLLOSA was chosen Poet on the first ballot, by a large plurality. The Class then passed several votes regarding the boating finances, rejected a proposal for holding a Class-Supper, also one for inserting a memorial window in Alumni Hall, and then adjourned.

1ST SOPH. Why is the owner of a billiard-saloon like a Roman Consul?