FOUND out, - many students by anxious duns.

THE Senior Autograph Albums are now ready at Richardson's.

THE Class races take place at 11 o'clock Saturday of next week.

MANNER of burial particularly suited for most college papers, - cremation.

THE Freshman Nine hopes to meet the Yale Nine at New Haven on the 30th.


THE Institute Supper has been wisely postponed to the 18th of June, the night before Class Day.

THE University Nine goes to Providence to-morrow to play the Brown Nine at Dexter Park.

As will be seen in another part of the paper, it depends only on the student whether Alumni Hall shall be used as a refectory next year.

MR. TAPPAN, '76, and Mr. Herrick, '77, have decided not to run for the Bennett Cup, as previously stated.

THE Sophomore crew consists of Messrs. Weld, stroke, Richards, Bolan, Brown, Riggs, Nickerson, bow.

MEMBERS of the Institute having books out of the library are requested to return them as soon as possible.

PERHAPS it would be well to look at the 3d proof of the Annuals before saying that Junior Annuals begin Saturday.

The Athenaeum gave a very varied performance last evening, in which the skilful allotment of parts added greatly to the enjoyment. While all did themselve credit, the oration of Mr. C. H. Barrows was the feature of the evening.

IT is probable that the Steward will adopt the suggestion published in the Magenta just after the assignment of rooms.

THE grass looks greener than ever before. The applications for rooms seem to indicate the largest Freshman class as yet.