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STRUCK by the beauty and usefulness of the Notes and Queries in the Library, too long neglected and left to impart their usefulness to a few favored souls, the Crimson has decided to give due prominence to this unnoticed branch of instruction and to cull a few gems from this rich treasure-house. Some of the paper's ardent supporters have favored us with some of the great questions of the time, and the gigantic brain of the undergraduate has wrestled with a number of them.

Qu. Where can I find a correct description of the hoop snake, which pursues its enemy by putting its tail in its mouth and rolling after him?

(Referred to Nat. Hist. 2.)

Qu. What is the Cheddar letter?

Ans. (by a well-known wit). The receipt for Cheddar Cheese.

From a would-be establisher of a diet-kitchen:

Qu. What sort of food is Lacrimae Christi?

From a member of the Senior Class of the Bussey Institute (author of a work on "Potato-Rot"):

Qu. In what language are the inscriptions in Memorial and Sanders?

Ans. Scholars are divided in opinion as to whether it is Etruscan, or Latin of the period of "The Song of the Arval Brothers." It is expected that a translation of them will be made the subject of a prize essay.

From a member of Pol. Econ. 2:

Qu. Is the writing of an article for a paper, for which the editor and not the author pockets the pay, unconsumptive production?

From a devotee to the decorative art:

Qu. Where in Chinese or Japanese mythology can I find an account of the 100 men that frequently occur in designs on porcelain?

Ans. (from the question-man of '83). In the Rig Veda. At least, I don't see why it shouldn't be there. I'll question Professor X. on the subject in the next recitation in chemistry.

Awful depravity:

Qu. Who was Jezebel mentioned in ...

Ans. (from a member of the Christian Brethren). Read your Bible, you heathen.

Qu. Will some one tell me who is the author of the little poem entitled "Father William"?

Ans. (from brilliant Freshman). The author of "Alice in Wonderland."

Qu. Who is Frances Louise Bushnell?

Ans. Sister-in-law to the ADVOCATE (?).

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