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LOUD was the carol of the lark

From oak to linden-tree

When morning reigned; but in the dark

I hear the surging sea.

Rise early from thy nest of down,

And troll thy lay to me;

I would have thee forever drown

The surging of the sea.

THE first Assembly will take place on Monday evening, November 29.

WE understand that Mr. Gilman is editing a book relating to Cambridge in 1776.

THE rates of exchange on New Haven have fallen heavily in anticipation of the foot-ball contest.

ALL candidates for positions on the University Nine are requested to meet the Captain at 7.30 next Monday evening, in No. 12 Matthews.

THE sporting Senior who had a public for keeping a dog in the Yard because he put his stuffed raccoon in his window had the "dead wood" on the D - n.

A BOATING man, on being offered a cigarette in front of Parker's, gave vent to the following noble sentiment: "Donshmoke - mushelvatethetoneurthuniverztee."

WE notice that a plain glass window has been put in Gore Hall; the marked improvement in the light leads us to hope the other windows will be treated in the same manner.

LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN. - The Pierian Drum. Last seen at the Torchlight Procession of 1872. Any information in regard to it will be gladly received by members.

A RIFLE-CLUB, composed of undergraduates, will be formed this winter, and target-practice will be begun early in the spring. A range has been secured not far from the Square, and all obstacles to the formation of the club are now removed.

THE Nine, this fall, has played four match-games and one practice-game. In the match-games the Nine made a total of 28 runs against a total of 23 for their opponents. The Nine ranks as follows in the batting record for this fall: Tower, average T. B., 500; Leeds, .444; Latham, .391; Tyng, .347; Thatcher, .333; Thayer, .304; Ernst, .235; Nash, .227; Wright, .200; Sawyer, .133.

THE foot-ball match with Yale will take place to-morrow in New Haven, at two o'clock. The Fifteen is made up as follows:-

Tenders. - Whiting, '77; Cute, '77; Wetherbee, '78.

Half-Tenders. - Bacon, '76; Hall, '76; Curtis, '77; Herrick, '77; Seamans, '77.

Rushers. - Faucon, '75; Cushing, '77; Keys, '77; Leeds, '77; Tower, '77; Thayer, '78; Blanchard, '79.

AMONG the recent additions to the Library is the Life of Admiral Coddington, the gift of Lady Bourchier of London. Through the kindness of Mr. Samuel Phillips (1819), an old and exceedingly interesting Triennial has been sent to the Library; this is a "broadside," and a fine copy.

SCENE in last car to Cambridge. Crowd of maudlin Freshmen.

Conductor. Harris Street!

1st Fresh Good for you ! arry!

2d Fresh. Wake up, fellows; Harry's treat again!

Chorus. Champagne!

The University Nine will begin exercise in the Gymnasium next week, and continue it through the winter. The Nine will appear in the spring in new uniforms, similar in most respects to the old ones. The word "Harvard" will be embroidered upon the breast of the blouse (instead of the former "H"), and the gauze shirts trimmed with crimson that will be worn in warm weather. Subscriptions are solicited to meet the expense of these uniforms.

THE candidates for the University Crew row every afternoon at four and a half, and they are at present being coached in pair-oars by Mr. Loring, '69. The men run four miles three evenings in the week, but the captain expects them soon to begin to run to Fresh Pond, around the pond, and back to the Square, - a distance of six miles. A boat with stationary seats is being prepared for the crew, and the captain has ready now some uniforms, consisting of shirts, drawers, and stockings, all of crimson, that will be serviceable in cold weather. He intends to keep the crew on the river until the ice closes the channel, which will probably not occur before Christmas. The crew, as made up at present, consists of, -

A. P. LORING, '78, Stroke and Captain.

W. A. BANCROFT, '78, 2.

M. R. JACOBS, '79, 3.

H. P. WARDEN, '78, 4.

M. JAMES, L. S. S., 5.

W. M. LEMOYNE, '78, Bow.

E. T. HASTINGS, '76, and G. W. IRVING, L. S. s., Substitutes.

BETWEEN twenty and thirty Freshmen have come forward as candidates for their class crew, and it is probable that before spring six excellent men will be found among this number. The candidates run a half-mile three times a week, and pull a hundred strokes at the weights; both the running distance and the number of strokes will soon be increased, The class has subscribed about $400 to meet the expenses of their crew, and as the most rigid economy is necessary in spending this money, it would be well for the treasurer of the class boat-club to publish occasional statements of his receipts and expenditures.

THE following statement of the financial condition of the Athletic Association has been sent us by the Treasurer:-


Surplus from last year . . . . . $2.21

From New Members . . . . . 272.00

From Spring Assessment . . . . . 36.50


Total, $310.71


For Grand Stand . . . . . . $40.00

For Prizes . . . . . . 40.00

Policemen, ropes, etc. . . . . . 25.00

Printing . . . . . 34.75

Printing . . . . . 15.25

Badges . . . . . 2.00



Surplus, 153.71



H. G. DANFORTH, Treas. H. A. A.To show the improvement in the performances of the Athletic Association at the three meetings it has held, the following table has been arranged. Although some improvement is visible, there is plenty of room for more:-

EVENTS. FALL, 1874. SPRING, 1875. FALL, 1875.

100 Yards, . . . . 11 1/2 s. 11 1/2 s. 11 s.

Quarter-Mile Run,. . 1 m. 59 1/2 s.

Half-Mile Run . . . 2 m. 52 1/2 s. 2 m. 19 s.

One-Mile Run . . . 5 m. 41 3/4 s. 5 m. 15 s. 5 m. 2 1/2 s.

Two-Mile Run, . . . 12 m. 4 1/2 s. 11 m. 10 s. 12 m. 4 1/2 s.

One-mile Walk, . . . 8 m. 13 s. 7 m. 33 1/4 s.

Three Mile Walk,. . 29 m. 45 s. Not finished.

High Jump, . . . 4 ft. 8 1/2 m. 4 ft. 10 m. 5 ft. 1 m.

Long Jump, . . . 15 ft. 8 1/2 m. 18 ft. 4 m.

Throwing Base-Ball, 306 ft. 372 ft. 6 m.

The hurdle-races before the last meeting were over seven hurdles. On Saturday last ten hurdles were used. In the spring the time was 22 seconds, and in the fall, 20 1/4 seconds.

THE Yale and Wesleyan athletic games have taken place. On the whole, their record is better than ours. In the mile walk and in the mile run we made the best time; In everything else Yale surpassed us. Their record may be summed up as follows: The 100-yard dash was made by Yale in 10 1/2 seconds, Wesleyan, 10 3/4; the mile walk in 8. 13, 9.4; the half-mile race in 2.10, 2.27; the three-mile run in 18.39 by Yale; the 120-yard hurdle-race in 19 1/4 seconds, 19 1/4; the 440-yard dash in 58 seconds by Yale; the one-mile run in 5. 20 by Yale; the two-mile run in 12.1 by Wesleyan. The winner of the running high jump cleared 5 ft. 3 in.; a jump of 11 ft. 1 1/2 in. won the standing long jump; there was no jumping at Wesleyan. The games appear to have passed off very pleasantly; and the Record characteristically calls attention to the fact that reporters for the New York Herald and the Sun were present.

THE divisions of the Junior Class in themes and forensics are: 1st Div., from Abbott to Drake; 2d Div., from Du Fais to Macaulay; 3d Div., from Martin to J. A. Stiles; 4th Div., from M. F. stiles to Young. Themes will be presented by Div. II. on Nov. 16, by Div. III. on Nov. 23, and by Div. IV. on Nov. 30. The first forensic will be handed in by the whole class on Nov. 23, in U. E. R. Themes will be presented in U. 9, and forensics, after Nov. 23, in U. 18. The arrangement of the divisions for the next three months is as follows:-

Dec. 7, Div. I., Themes; Div. III., Forensics.

Dec. 14, Div. II., Themes; Div. IV., Forensics.

Dec. 21, Div. III., Themes; Div. I., Forensics.

Jan. 18, Div. IV., Themes; Div. II., Forensics.

Jan. 25, Div. I., Themes; Div. III., Forensics.

Feb. 1, Div. II., Themes; Div. IV., Forensics.

Feb. 8, Div. III., Themes; Div. I., Forensics.

Feb. 15, Div. IV., Themes; Div. II., Forensics.

Feb. 22, Div. I., Themes; Div. III., Forensics.

Reading-Room Report for the Year ending July 1, 1875.


From preceding Treasurer, . . . . . . $3.73

From Class of . . . . . . 156.00

From Class of '76, . . . . . . 9200

From Class of '77, . . . . . . 11200

From Class of '78, . . . . . . 62.00

From Graduates and Professional Students, . . . . 1800

From Sale of Papers, . . . . . . 29.38


Total Receipts, . . $473.11


To B. H Richardson, . . . . . . . $211.10

To A K Jones, . . . . . . . 96.00

To Subscriptions for papers . . . . . . 88.43

To Cambridge Gas Co., . . . . . . . 50.00

To P. Charges, . . . . . . . 13.45

To C. W. Sever, . . . . . . . 5.22

To Stationery and Sundries, . . . . . . 6.28


Total Expenditures, . . . $472.48


Cash in hands of Treasurer, July 1, . . . . . $063

FRED. C. MCDUFFIE, Treas.Officers of Reading-Room.President. F. C. MCDuffie, '76. Secretary and Treasurer, B. C. Starr, '77. Directors S. D. Kittredge, W. R. Page. J. K. Berry, C. H. Barrows, '76; H. Wheeler, J. N. Byrne, G. S. Sykes, H. S. Butler, '77; J. A. Mead, L. B. Dean, W. N. Phillips, L. L. Eyre, '78.

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