LOUD was the carol of the lark

From oak to linden-tree

When morning reigned; but in the dark

I hear the surging sea.

Rise early from thy nest of down,


And troll thy lay to me;

I would have thee forever drown

The surging of the sea.

THE first Assembly will take place on Monday evening, November 29.

WE understand that Mr. Gilman is editing a book relating to Cambridge in 1776.

THE rates of exchange on New Haven have fallen heavily in anticipation of the foot-ball contest.

ALL candidates for positions on the University Nine are requested to meet the Captain at 7.30 next Monday evening, in No. 12 Matthews.

THE sporting Senior who had a public for keeping a dog in the Yard because he put his stuffed raccoon in his window had the "dead wood" on the D - n.

A BOATING man, on being offered a cigarette in front of Parker's, gave vent to the following noble sentiment: "Donshmoke - mushelvatethetoneurthuniverztee."

WE notice that a plain glass window has been put in Gore Hall; the marked improvement in the light leads us to hope the other windows will be treated in the same manner.