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THE Titles and Indexes to Vols. III. and IV. of the Magenta will be ready for delivery with the next number.

AN important meeting of the C. T. Co. will be held at Thayer 58, on Friday evening at seven o'clock.

THE first move in the game between the Uxbridge Chess Club and the Harvard Chess Club has been made by Uxbridge.

THE Rev. Dr. Coit, of S. Paul's School, Concord, is expected to preach at Christ Church next Sunday morning and evening.

THE boating men at Exeter walk twelve miles, and run three every week, in addition to their Indian-club and dumbbell exercises.

THE officers of the H. P. C. from '76 are as follows: President, Samuel Sherwood; Vice-President, E. C. Hall; Secretary, H. P. Jaques; Treasurer, Emor H. Harding.

THE Political Economy course known as Philos. 7, it is probable, will be somewhat changed, and some other textbook than Blanqui's will be taken up after the class have enjoyed a slightly longer acquaintance with Mr. Bagehot.

THE officers of the Harvard Art Club are as follows: President, Samuel Sherwood; Vice-President, J. L. Du Fais; Treasurer, Harcourt Amory; Secretary, Bayard Tuckerman; Curator, F. T. Brown.

IT will probably be decided this afternoon whether we are to have class or club races this spring. The decision rests with the executive committee of the H. U. B. C. and the executive committees of the different Boat-Clubs.

THE financial condition of the different Boat-Clubs is quite satisfactory. Of the $3,285 due Mr. Blakey, $3,211 has been paid, leaving but $74 due. The number of men in the different clubs is: Holyoke, 70; Thayer, 67; Mathews, 60; Holworthy, 36; - total, 233. The only club still in debt is Holworthy.

IT is reported that the Columbia crew is already selected, and that it is to consist of three of their last year's crew, a member of a recent University Eight of Oxford, England, one of the Wesleyan crew of last year, and a Harvard graduate who is now at the Columbia School of Mines. Columbia will certainly be well represented next summer, even though this report should prove false in some particulars.

RATHER unnecessary, - the notice in the Gymnasium to leave the water running.

OUR reporter noticed the peculiarly hilarious condition of the Yard on Wednesday night about eleven o'clock. This spring weather makes us very light-headed.

THE Theme and Forensic weeks have now been so changed that Juniors do not hand in both these the same week, but Forensics will follow a week later for each division.

THE Sophomore class supper will take place at the St. James Hotel. The price of tickets will be five dollars, and they can be obtained, after Monday, at Sever's, or of the Committee of Arrangements.

THE reports that come to us represent the new building which Trinity College is to erect as an architectural wonder. It is to be constructed for a combination of purposes, - Chapel, Library, Dormitory, etc., all under one roof; the whole to be finished in 1877, at a cost of about one million.

AT a meeting of the Weld-Thayer Boat-Club this week, Mr. Watson, '75, President, and Mr. Wetmore, '75, Captain, presented their resignations. After the acceptance of them, Mr. G. W. Green, '76, was elected President, and Mr. Martin, '77, Captain.

BLAKEY is building a six-oared gig for the New York Rowing Club, a four-oared shell for S. Paul's School, two four-oared gigs for class crews at Bowdoin, seven single sculls for different persons, and a pair-oared gig for the Freshman Class.

A LEARNED treatise by our Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of St. James is for sale at the University Bookstore. The subject of the work is interesting, and, considering the high standing of the author and the undoubted excellence of the book, its price is quite reasonable.

THE lectures before the Art Club have proved eminently successful. The first one was delivered on Tuesday, March 2, by Professor Norton, who expressed first his interest in the Club, and then proceeded to give an account of the condition of Art at Venice during the most prosperous days of the city. On Tuesday, March 9, Mr. Ware, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gave an account of the building of the Louvre and the Tuileries, which was both interesting and instructive. Mr. Ware illustrated his remarks by a large number of photographs, and by a diagram of the buildings. The lectures will be continued as soon as further arrangements are made.

A "Harvard School of Geology" will be opened on July 1, at Cumberland Gap, Tenn. The school will be under the management of Professor Shaler, and he intends to cover, during a session of nine weeks, about five thousand square miles of country. The classes will travel from the first camp at Cumberland Gap, through the region of the Upper Cumberland; small sections will branch off from the main line, with pack-mules, shelter-tents, etc., and explore the country in various directions; each section will be accompanied by an instructor who will deliver field lectures on the different beds and specimens. The number of students is limited to twenty-five, and none but men of culture and standing will be allowed to take part in the expedition.

THE chess tournament closed on Tuesday evening, and Mr. C. P. E. Burgwyn, L. L. S., was declared the winner of the Challenge Cup offered by the club. The second prize was won by Mr. G. P. Faucon, '75. The standing of each contestant at the close of the tournament was as follows:-

Won. Lost.

Burgwyn . . 11 1

Faucon . . . 9 2

Preble . . . 9 4

Stimson . . . 7 3

Barnes . . . 7 5

Szemelenyi . . 7 5

Fenellosa . . 7 6

Won. Lost.

Green . . . 6 6

Watson . . . 4 6

Le Moyne . . 5 8

Marcon . . . 3 6

Williamson . . 2 9

Minot . . . 1 10

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