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THE Chess Club is soon to play some practice games with the Boston Chess Club.

MR. W. F. WELD has resigned his position as Captain of the Matthews Boat Club, on account of ill-health.

THE captain of the H. U. F. B. C. is endeavoring to make arrangements for a match game of foot-ball with Columbia.

OUR funny friend wants to know if the two policemen who were summoned to the late fire in Little's Block were called in to arrest the progress of the flames.

IT is proposed next year to turn Holden Chapel into an art-school, with a lecture-room below, in which the Gray engravings will be placed.

AN English translation from Juvenal's 10th Satire, "Quanto delphinis balaena Britannica major," - "As much as the British Prince of W(h)ales is greater than the Dauphin."

THE Cambridge Subscription Assembly will take place in Lyceum Hall on Tuesday, April 6. Tickets, four dollars each, admitting a gentleman with ladies, can be obtained at 43 Matthews.

THE refusal of several of the leading hotels in Boston to provide a supper for the Sophomores has been construed to be a violation of the Civil Rights' Bill, because it is a distinction against a class.

THE books of the late Dr. Walker, numbering over 3,500 volumes, have been received at the Library. Dr. Martyn Paine, of New York, has also sent to the Library some valuable and interesting works.

THERE will be a service at S. Paul's Society to-morrow, Saturday evening, that being Easter Eve. It may not be generally understood that all members of the University are invited to any services of the Society.

TICKETS for the Sophomore Class Supper can be obtained of the Committee of Arrangements or at Richardson's, until Wednesday, March 31, at I P. M. All those who wish to attend the supper must secure their seats before that time.

THE petition asking that recitations may cease at five o' clock is still under consideration. We understand that the Faculty will endeavor to find out, as nearly as possible, the desire of each student before announcing their decision.

AT least four colleges will enter Freshman crews at Saratoga, - Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. Amherst is doubtful about trusting the virgin innocence of Freshmen in such an abode of wickedness, although her University crew have steeled their minds to brave temptation this year.

THE excellence of the Holyoke crew in the fall is likely to prove fatal to them this spring. Two of the crew are to pull on the University, two in the Freshmen crew, one is training for the single-scull race and will not pull with a crew, while the sixth man has given up rowing altogether.

THE prizes won in the late Chess Tournament were awarded to the victors last Tuesday evening. The first prize consisted of a championship cup, which is held subject to the challenge of any member of the Club, and a set of ivory chessmen. The second prize is a smaller set of chessmen.

THE Alpha Cricket Club of Salem has invited the Glee Club and the Pierian Sodality to come to Salem and give a concert for the benefit of the Cricket Club. This invitation has been accepted, and the night of the concert will soon be agreed upon. All the arrangements will be made by the Alpha Cricket Club.

AN accident in Little's Block early last Monday morning came near having quite a serious result. The bottom of a stove in the room No. 4, Old Little's, fell out during the night, and when the fire was discovered by the janitor, it had eaten well into the floor. Two policemen were called in, and the fire was extinguished without a general alarm.

THE games with the Uxbridge Club stand as follows:-



1. P. K. 4. 1. P. K. 4.

2. B. K. B. 4. 2. Kt. K. B. 3.

3. P. Q. 4. 3. P. takes P.



1. P. K. 4. 1. P. K. 4.

2. Kt. K. B. 4. 2. P. Q. 3.

3. B. K. B. 4.

THE Musical Illustrations by Professor Paine were omitted, owing to illness, on Thursday of this week. We give the programme of the first evening: 1. King's Hunting Jigg, Dr. John Bull. 2. Sonata, Dom. Scarlatti. 3. AEgyptienne, Rameau. 4. Fugue in E Minor, Haydn. 5. Gavotte in D Minor, J. S. Bach. 6. Fantasia C Minor, Mozart. 7. Sonata, Beethoven, Opus 26, A flat. The attendance on the first evening was about one hundred and fifty. The programme for April I will be: Sonata from Haydn in E Flat; Beethoven, Opus 7; selections from Scarlatti, Rameau, Sebastian Bach, Emmanuel Bach, Schubert, and Mendelssohn.

THE theatricals in aid of the Boat Club will take place in Boston at Horticultural Hall on Thursday and Friday evenings, April 8 and 9, and on Saturday afternoon, April 10. The performance on Thursday will consist of the burlesque of "William Tell," preceded by the farce entitled "A Happy Pair." Two farces, "Which is Which?" and "One too Many for Him," will be presented on Friday, and they will be followed by a Negro Interlude. On Saturday afternoon "William Tell," and the farce "A Happy Pair," will be repeated.

A SHORT time ago the Sophomore Foot-Ball Club challenged the Sophomore Class at Yale to a match-game of foot-ball, to be played according to the Rugby rules. Yale replied to this by refusing to kick foot-ball unless our Sophomores played base-ball with them; unless they consented to come to New Haven and were willing to kick the football match according to the Harrow rules. A committee of five has been appointed to endeavor to understand these stipulations, and if possible arrange a meeting.

THE prospects for a University crew are improving, and we have very good reason to hope that we shall be well represented on the lake next summer. A large number of men have been working at the Gymnasium, and there are several men from the lower classes who will furnish excellent material, if it is decided to enter the races at Philadelphia in 1876 with six and four oar crews. The comparison of the books shows that the candidates have worked more regularly and thoroughly than they did last year. The probable crew is as follows: Bacon, '76; Wetmore, '75;

Otis, Thayer, James, L. S. S.; Taylor, '77; with Hall, '76, as substitute.

WE understand from the Bursar that it is proposed to establish in Holyoke next year a janitor with a family. Occupants of rooms in the building who now employ men to build fires, etc., will be obliged to engage the janitor for those purposes. The occupants, moreover, who have washing done in Cambridge must have it done by the family. Or, in the words of a Boston paper, "Holyoke will be managed in every way like a first-class hotel, except that no meals will be served." The object of the proposed change is to exclude from the building persons who do not belong there, and to make the property of the students more secure. The measure is looked upon by some occupants of the building as extremely arbitrary, and by others as quite desirable. It seems to us that the occupants of Holyoke will be very much at the mercy of the family of their janitor if the plan is adopted, for, when once domesticated in the building, the family (whether their work is done satisfactorily or not) will probably remain there for a year at least.

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