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ERRATUM. - In A. B. Furlong's advertisement on p. vii. of last number, read $5 for $15.

WAS that curtain put up to keep the stained glass from being broken by stones or base-balls?

TICKETS to the contests on Jarvis to-morrow can be obtained, by members of the Athletic Association, of the President, B. R. Curtis, at No. 10 Weld. Each member is entitled to one ticket for himself, and to more than one if he intends to bring ladies.

THE Secretary of the H. U. B. C. has received a communication from Mr. F. W. Holls, of Columbia, requesting that some student or students of Harvard should write an article, comprising about ten pages foolscap, about boating matters at Harvard. Accompanying this note, he has received a "Dummy," giving all the necessary heads of information; and further particulars will be given on application.

Mr. Holls proposes to publish a pamphlet giving a full account of the "College Oarsmen of 1875." The price of the pamphlet will be fifty cents; but to any man who will establish an agency at Harvard, one hundred or more copies will be furnished at half-price, provided that the book be ordered before the publication, and paid for, cash on delivery.

The article in question is to be sent to Mr. Holls before the 25th inst.

Any gentleman who is willing to furnish the above information will confer a favor by calling at once at No. 17 Matthews.

A. M. SHERWOOD, Secretary H. U. B. C.THE Freshmen Crew is made up as follows:-

Age. Height. Weight.

A. B. Loring (Stroke and Captain) . 18 5 - 8 3/4 152 lbs.

H. P. Warde (2) . . . 19 5 - 8 157 lbs.

P. V. R. Ely (3) . . . 19 5 - 10 160 lbs.

W. M. LeMoyne (4) . . 20 5 - 8 3/4 160 lbs.

W. A. Bancroft (5) . . 20 5 - 10 152 lbs.

A. W. Morgan (Bow) . . 20 6 164 lbs.

The average age of the crew is nineteen years and four months, and the average weight 157 1/2 lbs.

THE person who took the foot-ball after the graduates' match is requested to return it at once.

THERE were three hundred and forty-two applications for the seventy-five rooms reserved for Sub-Freshmen.

THE University Nine played a match game with the Rhode Island Club, yesterday afternoon, at Providence, and won the game by a score of 19 to 4.

ON the first afternoon that the water is smooth, the Freshman Crew and the Holworthy Six will race from the third bridge to the Union Boat-House. During the next week the Freshmen will probably now Matthews and Weld over the same course.

THE Foot-Ball Eleven will play a match game with the Tufts College Eleven, according to the McGill rules, on Wednesday, June 2. There are now several vacancies on the Eleven, and the Captain desires us to state that candidates for these places will have an opportunity to kick, on every evening, behind the L. S. S., shortly after tea.

MR. WILLIAM WARE delivered an exceedingly interesting lecture before the Art Club on last Tuesday evening. The subject of the lecture was "Charcoal Drawing," and the remarks of the lecturer were illustrated by about thirty sketches done in charcoal, some by students of the Cooper Institute, New York, others at the industrial schools of Paris, while some were drawn under Mr. Ware's direction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

S. PAUL'S SCHOOL, Concord, celebrates its anniversary the 27th inst. The programme of the day is as follows:-

Morning. - 9. Cricket-match. 11. Chapel.

Afternoon. - 2.30. Meeting of the Athletic Association. 3. Cricket-match resumed. 7. Tub-race. 7.30. Music in the great school-room.

It is encouraging to see the interest in field sports which this school has always been famous for. The "Eleven" is unusually good this year, and under its able captain is playing a wonderfully strong game.

THE different boat-clubs have received invitations from the Union Boat-Club to take part in a regatta, Wednesday, May 26, on the regular Charles River course. These invitations have been accepted, and three four-oared crews have entered, as follows:-

Lapstreak. - Loring, Str.; Warden, 2d; Ely, 3d; Morgan, Bow.

Shell. - Otis, Str.; James, 2d; Yznaga, 3d; Thayer, Bow. And a Holyoke Four not yet chosen. Wiley, '77, has entered the single-scull race, and James and Wiley the double-scull.

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