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Harvard College Commons in 1777.


A Committee appointed by the College Corporation, July 14, 1777, consisting of President Samuel Langdon, H. U. 1740, Rev. Nathaniel Appleton H. U. 1712, and Professor John Winthrop, H. U. 1732, made a Report, August 11, part of which follows:-

"At a Meeting of the President and Fellows at the President's house:-

"Dr. Appleton pray'd."

"Whereas by Law 9th of Chap. 6 it is provided, that there shall always be Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, and Milk, for Breakfast, with Bread, or Biscuit, and Butter, and whereas the foreign Articles above mentioned are now not to be procured without great difficulty, and at a very exorbitant Price; therefore that the Charge of Commons may be kept as low as possible,

"Voted, That the Steward shall provide at the common Charge only Bread, or Biscuit, and Milk for Breakfast; and if any of the Scholars choose Tea, Coffee, or Chocolate for Breakfast, they shall procure those Articles for themselves, and whereas the Sugar and Butter to be used with them; and if any of the Scholars choose to have their Milk boiled, or thickened with Flour if it may be had, or with meal, the Steward, having seasonable notice, shall provide it accordingly. And farther, as Salt-Fish alone is, by the afores Law, appointed for the Dinner on Saturdays, and this Article is now risen to a very high Price, and through the great scarcity of Salt will probably be still higher, the Steward shall not be obliged to provide Salt-Fish, but shall procure Fresh-fish as often as he can. The above Regulations to be in force till further Orders, the afores 9th Law of Chap- 6 notwithstanding.

"Concurred by the Overseers."

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