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POOR Yale, 11 to 3, and the day before Class Day.

THE Freshman Crew left Monday, July 1, for Owasco Lake.

THERE were 1 060 plates laid for the Dinner of the Alumni Association.

THE class subscription fund has yielded this year another instalment of $20,000.

THE "old war horses" did not "do themselves as proud" as was anticipated by the Yale News.

THE latest press metaphor is the following: "The Harvard boat-house vomited forth its new shell."

No crackers awoke the calm reveries of loungers beneath "the elms of good old Yale" on Monday evening.

A PAMPHLET record of the Class of 1878, accurate and complete, is for sale at Sever's. Price, 10 cents, prepaid.

THERE were 245 candidates examined for admission to the next Freshman class, of whom 119 applied under the new method.

THE balloting on Commencement Day to fill the vacancies in the Board of Overseers resulted in the following choice: Alexander McKenzie, Le Baron Russell, R. M. Hodges, Robert D. Smith, and Charles R. Codman.

GROUND between Appleton Chapel and Gore Hall has been marked off for the excavation of the foundations for Sever Hall. The building will stand so far back from University Hall that one of the houses on Quincy. Street will have to be removed to give place to it.

"OUR Nine, chafed by the severe criticism of senseless writers, and ridiculed by would-be authorities on base-ball matters, has proven itself capable of deeds surpassing all the former triumphs which Yale has gained on the ball-field." - Yale News, May 27, 1878. Amended June 24, 26, 29: 11 vs. 3, 9 vs. 2, 16 vs. 3.

THE following is the batting average of the University Base-Ball Champions:-

A. B. IB. %B. H.

Tyng 120 36 .300

Thayer 140 40 .285

Howe 110 31 .281

Latham 117 33 .273

Ernst 131 32 .244

Wright 134 32 .238

Winsor 36 8 .235

Nunn 114 25 .219

Fessenden 93 20 .215

Holden 137 29 .211

IN Mr. Moses King's little book entitled "Harvard and its Surroundings," which is a guide-book of a character worthy of the great University of New England, is the following unique advertisement, which, after an appropriate verse to the air of "Fair Harvard," proceeds as follows:-

We take advantage, in printing this edition for Mr. King, to bring to the notice of Harvard men the facilities of our establishment for the production of all kinds of nobby printing.

Freshmen - Modest visiting-cards; note-heads on which to write the first letter home to mamma; envelopes, with name and number of room, to demoralize the village postmaster.

Sophomores - Swell cartes-de-visite, fancy monograms, bills of fare, club programmes, menus. Yum! yum!

Juniors - Base-ball books, regatta printing, billiard scores, society invitations, ball cards, tickets of every description, theatrical programmes in all languages.

Seniors - Stenographic reporters furnished for heavy works, and first-class orations reproduced in three days' time; class-day and graduation printing in the latest style of the art-preservative. We cordially extend an invitation to the survivors of the Lampoon to call and examine the largest printing establishment in New England. Rand, Avery, & Co., Printers by contract to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and by courtesy to their Royal Nibs - the undergraduates of Harvard University. - Courier - Journal.

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