THE club system was organized two years ago for the purpose of arousing a more general interest in boating, and for a time accomplished its object. The novelty soon wore away, and, judging from the present condition of the different clubs, unless something is soon done, our boat clubs will exist more in name than in fact. I shall not discuss the question whether this change from class-races to the present system was an advisable one or not, but I think that the general indifference manifested this fall might be bettered by a little exertion on the part of the Executive Committee of the H. U. B. C., under whose direction and management the club races take place. Let it be distinctly understood that there are to be club races this fall upon a certain date, - if the weather holds good the time should be delayed, - and that prizes will be given to the winning crews. As matters now stand there is some doubt among the rowing men whether there are to be any races this fall or not. In consequence men hesitate to join the clubs, for fear that they will not be able to row on any crews. If this doubt were dispelled many would join the clubs, and they will not join until they are sure that the crews are to be made up. Now that we have undertaken the club system let us give it a fair trial before declaring it a failure.

M. B.