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ON Saturday the Freshmen played the game of foot-ball that was not played a Yale. The game took place on the Union Grounds, and our men defeated Yale by three goals and two touch-downs. The day was very cold and unfavorable, and the ground frozen hard, but both elevens played well, and made quite an interesting game.

The game was for two three quarters of an hour, and during all of that time Yale did not get the ball past our half-backs. Yale appeared to be rather weak in passing the ball, and not thoroughly acquainted with the rules, but nevertheless made some fine plays.

The decisions of the umpire gave satisfaction to both parties, and no doubt was expressed by any one as to the entire fairness of all the proceedings.

First Half. - Harvard had the kick-off, with the wind against them, and seven minutes after obtained a goal by a very good drop-kick by Blanchard. During the next forty minutes no advantage was gained by either side, although both struggled hard to send the ball between the goal-posts of their opponents.

Second Half. - Yale kicked off, and for some time Harvard was hard pressed. At last Holden got a touch-down. The trial at goal by Grant was lost, but Holden soon sent the ball over by a ground-kick. The three quarters of an hour were now nearly ended, but another goal was obtained by Grant, on a touch-down of Tebbets, before time was called. The score then stood: Harvard, 3 goals, 2 touch-downs; Yale, 0 goals, 0 touch-downs. The Harvard eleven were: Forwards, Davis, Tebbets, Bacon, Holden, Hooper, Nickerson; half-backs, Blanchard, Jordan (captain), Grant; backs, Winsor, Osborne. The Yale team were: Forwards, Peters, Taft, Clark, Moore-head, McHenry; half-backs, Harding, Webb, Hutchings; backs, King, Camp (captain), Trumbull. Of Yale's team, the playing of Clark, Harding, and Camp was noticeable; of Harvard's, that of Davis, Tebbets, Holden, Blanchard, and Jordan. Mr. Miller, of the Resolutes, was referee.

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