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AS the season is now advancing, and the football men are settling down to their work in preparation for the spring matches, it may be well at this time to look back upon their achievements in the past and consider their claims upon us for support in the career which they hope to enter upon.

Three matches were played last fall, - one with the Canada Foot-Ball Association, at Montreal; one with Yale College, at New Haven; and one with Tufts College, at Medford. In all these our team achieved signal success; and as they have met with but one defeat since foot-ball came into prominence at Harvard, it may be fairly said, after comparison with the records of other interests, that the foot-ball interest has a much stronger claim upon our pockets. The expenses incurred in the trip to Montreal were very heavy, and the cost of the New Haven trip was by no means small. An additional outlay made for uniforms, and a number of incidental expenses, caused the amount of the indebtedness of the team to assume quite large proportions. A good share of these expenses was paid off by the contributions of undergraduates, but a considerable amount still remains unpaid. This account must be settled, and if we propose to do anything in the field this year towards bringing foot-ball at Harvard again to the front, another large bill must be incurred, which undergraduates, in view of our successes, should be patriotic enough to discharge.

Challenges have been sent by the Captain of H. U. F. B. C. to McGill College and to the Canada Foot-Ball Association, of which the former was declined and the latter accepted.

The match with Canada will take place on the 8th of May. In consideration of the gentlemanly manner in which our men were received and the kindness with which they were treated during their sojourn in Montreal, we ought to endeavor to return the compliment by entertaining the members of their team as hospitably as possible. Our men were treated like gentlemen, and as gentlemen they ought to reciprocate. But the Foot-Ball Association has no money at present, and whether or no a fitting return for the politeness of the Montreal team can be made depends wholly on the willingness of undergraduates to contribute. It is to be hoped that students will awake to a sense of what it is incumbent on them to do, and will subscribe liberally to make the visit of the Montreal men as pleasant as possible.

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