THE election of officers in the K. N. has been postponed till November.

THOSE wishing keys to the Club boat-house can get them from Mr. Townsend, '80, at Weld 8.

GENTLEMEN wishing to join the Athletic Association can apply to Mr. I. T. Burr, 17 Holworthy.

ON Thursday of last week all the old Crew were out, except Le Moyne, whose place was taken by Littauer.

THE new stairway in Holyoke seems to be completed at last. It is more convenient than the main stairway.

IT is to be hoped that in the printing of the new Catalogue Mr. Child will have his name spelt Francis, and not Frances.

THE Weld Crew, which was mentioned as having the best chance for the fall races, has not been seen on the river this week.

TICKETS to the foot-ball supper may be obtained as late as 5.30 this afternoon, at 2 Beck. The price of tickets is six dollars.

ON next Monday evening Dr. William Everett will read the Fourth Book of the aeneid, at Harvard Hall, beginning at half past seven.

THERE will be a foot-ball match to-morrow afternoon on the Boston grounds between Tufts and Yale. Play will begin at half past three.

SOMETHING is lacking in the early education of the Freshman who dropped a petition into the Dean's box addressed to "Proff. White."

THE petitions asking the Highland Street Railway Company to run its cars to Cambridge have been signed by 2,950 citizens, and forwarded to the proper authorities.

THE Rt. Rev. William Croswell Doane, S. T. D., Bishop of Albany, addressed the members of the S. Paul's Society at St. Peter's Church, Cambridge, Sunday evening last.

The Society takes this opportunity of thanking the Bishop, and also the Rev. Mr. Gushee, Rector of St. Peter's, by whose courtesy the necessary arrangements were made.

S. SNELLING, {Committee of Invitation.}W. T. Cox,Not long ago $ 100 or $ 150 was paid as a bonus for rooms. To-day $ 75 is given way to any one who will take a room off a man's hands.

SOON the Freshman will have a chance to add another shingle to his collection, if the interest in lawn tennis goes on increasing as it bids fair to do.