THE building of the new Gymnasium will begin in March.

THE extension to the Library, together with the heating apparatus, cost $90,000.

THE report of the Secretary of the Treasury for the year 1877 is to be the text-book in Phil. 7.

THE Library fund for the purchase of books has increased from $39,722.90 in 1867 to $174,243.38 in 1877.

MR. HERBERT C. LEEDS, '77, is now in Japan, where he is initiating the natives into the mysteries of base ball.

THOSE having copies of Nos. 1 and 2 of Vol. X. of the Crimson will be paid the retail price if they will leave them at the University Bookstore.

THE Harvard Manual is the name of a pamphlet printed in Springfield, containing a brief history of the College, a manual of the Law School, and a directory of the undergraduates and law students. It is for sale at Sever's.

No better commentary on the atmosphere of our dormitories is needed than the reply of the Senior, who, on being asked why he did not put on his overcoat these awful cold days, replied, "O, I keep that to wear in my room."

DR. PEABODY will lecture before the Young Men's Christian Union, at Union Hall, Boston, on Saturday evening, January 26. Subject : "Books and Reading." The lecture will begin at a quarter before eight. Admission free.

THE League have made a rule that no games with amateurs shall be played by League Clubs on League Grounds, and as the Faculty object to professionals playing on Jarvis, it is feared that our games with the Bostons will have to be given up.

THOSE who have taken Phil. 1, and have experienced the difficulties attending the study of Maie-branche, will appreciate the kindness and foresight of Mr. Palmer in preparing and printing for the use of members of the elective his marginal notes on the "Entretiens."

MR. WILLIAM EVERETT has begun a course of twelve lectures on "Latin Poets and Poetry" at the Lowell Institute. The lectures are given on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and the second lecture will be given this evening. Tickets can be obtained at the Lowell Institute.

PROFESSOR NORTON and Professor Palmer propose to give at the Hawthorne Rooms, Warren Building, Park Street, courses of readings in English from Dante's "Divine Comedy" and Homer's "Odyssey." The courses will consist of twelve readings each, and will begin early in March.

PRIVATE theatricals will be given in aid of the "Old South Fund," at Union Hall, Boston, on Thursday evening, January 24. The managers, Messrs. Caleb E. Gowen and Franklin D. Field, have prepared two plays, "La Poudre aux Yeux," and "Dreams of Delusion." The music will be furnished by the Pierian Sodality. Gentlemen are expected to appear in full dress. Tickets may be obtained of Messrs. J. A. Mead, 13 M., and Wm. J. Gaston, Hy. 16.

THIS morning's despatches announce that the Oxford University crew have decided to challenge the Columbia College four, who are expected at Henley, to row a race from Putney to Mortlake for the college championship of the world. If the Columbia four defeat the Oxford crew, then the Cambridge University crew will row the American crew. The organ of the Universities says, if the Columbia College crew who are to row at Henley are the champion four of the Universities of America, there will probably be another international race on the Thames. Both Oxford and Cambridge have agreed to select fours from the eight-oared crews of the annual race, and challenge the American College crew independent of the race at Henley.

THE following are the subjects for the third Senior forensic : -