As there is an increasing interest felt in Lacrosse, a few words about the game may not be inappropriate.

Lacrosse belongs strictly to America, and has a far better claim to be called the national game than either foot-ball or base-ball. It was played originally by the Indians, although for some time it

has been identified with Montreal. About two years ago some interest began to be taken in the game at Columbia, and it soon became very popular. Delegates from the different clubs in Boston and New York now meet once a year, and arrange the games for the season.

I think we need some new game here to rouse the flagging interest in Athletics. The interest in foot-ball has visibly waned, and base-ball is not much better. Lacrosse is superior to foot-ball as a game, inasmuch as there are no long delays from fouls, and as skill rather than brute force is necessary in order to play well. The popularity it has met with wherever it has been introduced is

the best testimony as to what sort of a game it is.

An association has already been started in the college, and it is expected that a very fair team will be ready for work in the spring. It is to be hoped that many will join during the winter, and try to make Harvard first in Lacrosse, as she has been in other games.

R. S.