THE Nine needs a catcher.

THE Index came out Tuesday.

FIFTEEN men are training for the Nine.

Now Harvard needs a literary magazine.

THE Law School nominates Senator Bayard for the Presidency.


A MAN had an epileptic fit at the corner of University during the fire.

MR. MATCHETT is now giving lessons in fencing in the new Gymnasium.

IT is not true that several Seniors have already applied for janitorships.

"THE GENUINE ANNEX CIGAR" is a conspicuous sign on Milk Street.

THE members of the adjoining sisterhood object to being "annexed." (Fact.)

IT is reported that eighty young ladies have applied for instruction here next year.

THERE are sixteen students in the Scientific School, and twenty-five instructors.

THE next meeting of the O. K. will be held on the first Wednesday evening after the recess.

IT is not true that Mr. Knobby, '80, has been summonsed for having "dog" in his room.

THE Hasty Pudding Club talks of having an additional set of rooms for its weekly meetings.