THE Everett Athenaeum, in accordance with an old custom of the society, held its annual supper last Friday evening at Young's Hotel. Thirty-three members were present, including representatives from the first ten from '82; and the committee, Mr. F. S. G. Reed, Mr. J. C. Rolfe, and Mr. W. H. Wade, left nothing undone which could make the evening enjoyable.

Mr. W. C. Lane presided. Mr. H. E. Greene delivered the oration, thoughtfully adapting his remarks to the comprehension of the Freshmen; and Mr. C. T. Dazey read a poem, which was heartily appreciated.

The supper was prolonged with toasts and songs; Mr. E. H. Baker acting as toast-master, and Mr. E. S. Wentworth as chorister. The first toast was "The Athenaeum of '81," to which Mr. J. C. Rolfe responded. Then followed, between the songs, "The First Ten from '82," responded to by Mr. W. C. Wait, '82; "The Class of '81," by Mr. H. E. Seaver; "The Class of '82," by Mr. J. McG. Foster, '82; "The Class Crew," by Mr. C. M. Hemenway; "The Supper Committee," by Mr. W. H. Wade; "The Athenaeum Actors," by Mr. J. L. Paine; "The Standing Committee," by Mr. W. L. Worcester; "The Editors," by Mr. A. O. Jameson; "The Constitution," by Mr. E. A. Whitman; "The Ladies," by Mr. W. C. Lane.

The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were present. The supper was worthy of Young's Hotel, and the literary parts and the orderly conduct of the whole affair were worthy of the Everett Athenaeum.

W. L. W.