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THE Law School has a deficit of $4,557.01.

THE Dental School has a surplus of $188.04.

THE Scientific School has a deficit of $296.97.

THE Divinity School has a deficit of $2,351.84.


THE Medical School has a surplus of $16,763.29

HARE and Hounds is now a favorite game at Yale.

THE Yale Glee Club made $400 during their Western trip.

THE Lacrosse team has begun practice in the Gymnasium.

A CLOCK is much needed in the main hall of the Gymnasium.

THE semi-annuals are upon us, but, alas! all of us are not up on them.

MR. EDGAR FAWCETT will read the Phi Beta Kappa poem next summer.

THE dinner of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity occurred in Boston last evening.

As large an edition of the Catalogue is now sold as was formerly distributed gratuitiously.

THE Initiation Supper of the Phi. B. K. will take place shortly after the semi-annuals.