BOSTON THEATRE. - 7.45 P.M. Miss Anderson brings a successful engagement to a close to-morrow night. This evening she appears as Parthenia, in "Ingomar"; Saturday afternoon, at 2, as The Countess, in Sheridan Knowles' "Love," in which she acted in the beginning of the week. Saturday evening, Miss Anderson will appear in the role of Pauline, in "The Lady of Lyons," supported by Mr. George Riddle as Claude Melnotte. This announcement should be sufficient to secure a large attendance of Mr. Riddle's many friends in Cambridge. On Sunday evening, an entertainment will be given for the poor of Ireland. On Monday next, Bartley Campbell's new play, "The Galley Slave," which comes well recommended by a run of one hundred nights in New York.

BOSTON MUSEUM. - 7.45 P.M. This evening and Saturday matinee, Mr. Warren in Boucicault's amusing play, "Daddy O'Dowd," and Mr. Barron in "A Regular Fix." Saturday evening, Mrs. Vincent's benefit, "A Ticket of Leave Man." Monday next, "Daddy O'Dowd," with an extra matinee at 2.

GAIETY THEATRE. - 8 P.M. This week and next, "All the Rage," which has proved a great success.

GLOBE THEATRE. - 7.45 P.M. Miss Neilson is playing her farewell engagement before retiring from the stage. Her Juliet and her Viola are as charming as ever. The support is fairly good. Tonight, "Romeo and Juliet"; Saturday matinee and Saturday evening, "Twelfth Night." Monday, "Cymbeline."

PARK THEATRE - 7.45 P.M. "The charming Lotta" ends an engagement which she has been playing to crowded houses, this week. To-night and Saturday evening, she takes the title-role in "Zip"; Saturday matinee, "Musette." Next week, John T. Raymond as Col. Mulberry Sellers. His new play, "Wolfert's Roost," is promised for Thursday. March 1, Edwin Booth begins a farewell engagement of three weeks.


SANDERS THEATRE. - Wednesday, February 25. Fourth Symphony Concert, at 8 P.M.