Cut in Physics 3 yesterday.

Karl has about fifty boarders.

The Yale Glee Club sang in Chicago last week.

Billy the postman receives no pay while off duty.

Many men are leaving Memorial for Adam's and Karl's.

The Boston school buildings have a seating capacity of 55,646.

Mozart will be the next one of the old masters taken up in Music 4.

Several prominent lecturers will appear before the college during the winter.

Notman offers the usual class rates to seniors and other members of the university.

The new buildings of Girard College are of much lighter architecture than the older ones.

Pach in person will take all out-door groups. The in-door groups will be taken by his assistant.

A new school law has recently been passed in New Hampshire, for the purpose of compulsory education.

One of the janitors recently drove a handsome pair of bays, with a Russian cutter on the Brighton road.

Why not build a foundation for the rumor that there was to be a Latin play given at Harvard this year.

The photographer of the Forbes Lithographic Company, was in Cambridge yesterday, photographing some of the college buildings.

The men in German I. who were unable to procure the text-book last term, will be excused from the mid-year examination, if they desire.

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