The Globe, Park and Windsor theatres offer new attractions for the coming week, while the Museum, Boston and Gaiety present the same stars as the past week.

At the Park, that talented little actress, Maggie Mitchell, will give the dramatization of Charlotte Bronte's popular novel, "Jane Eyre," on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; during the balance of the week she will appear in "Fanchon the Cricket." Miss Mitchell will be supported by a Boston favorite, Mr. L. R. Shewell.

Next week will be a gala one at the Globe, as there will be a double bill during the entire week. Every afternoon little Corinne, who owes the sincerest thanks to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children for gratuitous advertising, will present the charming operetta "Magic Slipper," supported by a company of adults. In the evenings, the New York Park Theatre Company will produce Mr. G. B. Simm's successful comedy "Mother-in-Law."

At the Windsor, Miss Fannie Buckingham will appear in "Mazeppa," supported by her trained steed and a "carefully selected company."

Owing to the continued success at the Museum of "The Shaughraun," Mr. Boucicault has postponed the production of "Arrah-na-Pogue," advertised for next week, until January 23d.


Mr. McCullough will hold the boards of the Boston for another week, and the immense houses which he has attracted certainly give some claim to his title of "America's favorite actor." On Monday and Thursday he will appear in "The Gladiator;" Tuesday, "Othello;" Wednesday, "Brutus;" Friday (benefit of the actor), "King Lear;" Saturday matinee, "Ingomar;" Saturday evening, "Jack Cade." This will be an opportunity, seldom afforded, of seeing the tragedian in almost his entire repertory.

The Wilbur Opera Company, whose performance has greatly improved since the first night, will continue the "Mascot" at the Gaiety during the coming week. "The Pretty Cantineer" is announced in preparation.