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[From Our Special Correspondent.]


WILLIAMSTOWN, March 14, 1882.

This noon the peaceful stillness of Williamstown was broken by the diabolical class yells of '84 and '85 - the freshmen and sophomores were engaged in a cane rush. The sophomores, it seems, had previously sent to Troy to have some proclamations printed, which they purposed to post tonight throughout the town, giving to the freshmen permission to carry canes on and after the first of next term. The freshmen some how got wind of the scheme, and determined to get ahead of them. Accordingly they formed in a body at the gym. after the noon recitation hour and marched to the east college campus, brandishing a huge cane in the eyes of the astonished sophomores as they came from their recitation room. In an instant coats were off, hats were flying, and both classes were engaged in a determined set-to. After a few moments one of the faculty appeared on the scene, and, mingling fearlessly in the thickest of the melee, succeeded in appropriating to his exclusive use the much disputed cane; after which he proceeded to lay down the law in plain language, and ordered the classes to disperse. The freshmen, however, soon appeared again with another stick, and proceeded to march through the town. The sophs followed and made two or three desperate attempts to obtain it, but in vain; and the victorious freshmen carried it triumphantly through the main streets and deposited it safely in a room of one of their men. The affair was carried no further than lively pushing and wrestling, and no serious injuries were received.

Last Friday evening Professor Churchill of Andover read before the college and invited friends. The entertainment was given in honor of the birthday of the founder of the college, and took the place of the supper, which in former years it has been customary to give to the college.

The Garfield memorial window is nearly completed, and will be set in its place in the chapel during commencement week, at which time our ex-president, Dr. Hopkins, will deliver an eulogy on the dead President.

Preparations are being made for a lively commencement; several new departures will be introduced into the class day exercises, and an unusually pleasant time is anticipated.

College closes on the 28th for a vacation of two weeks.


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