Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Talks Justice, Civic Engagement at Radcliffe Day


Church Says It Did Not Authorize ‘People’s Commencement’ Protest After Harvard Graduation Walkout


‘Welcome to the Battlefield’: Maria Ressa Talks Tech, Fascism in Harvard Commencement Address


In Photos: Harvard’s 373rd Commencement Exercises


Rabbi Zarchi Confronted Maria Ressa, Walked Off Stage Over Her Harvard Commencement Speech



Oscar Wilde is visiting Jefferson Davis in Mississippi.

The present senior class at Wellesley numbers thirty members.

The Academica has a letter from Harvard in the last issue.

Tompkins, '84, has been elected captain of the Yale foot-ball team for next year.

Physical health is required for admission by Wellesley College, and a knowledge of physiology by Cornell University.

Commencement exercises occur today at New York University, Lehigh, Madison, St. Stephen's, Kenyon, Knox, Monmouth and Olivet.

From Brown's treatment of Amherst, it would almost suggest itself to an unprejudiced mind that Brown, not Amherst, be excluded from the college league. - [News.

The Dartmouth seniors annually have a "sing-out" as their last college exercise, when all of the class assemble in the chapel and make the air melodious with hymns and with college songs.

Some deplorable incidents took place recently at one or two churches in Naples, in consequence of an address to the Pope presented by some students. Their companions protested against this address, and a preacher at the Church of San Carlo All' Arena, having used some offensive expressions respecting free-thinking students, some of the latter entered the church on the evening of the 25th of May, apostrophized the preacher, and cried out, "Hurrah for liberty of thought," "Down with the Reactionists." A riot ensued, the congregation attacking the students, who, however, escaped in the confusion. One woman was much hurt in the scuffle. On the same evening in two other churches a false alarm that the students were coming to disturb the service gave rise to slight panics.

The New York Tribune says editorially: "The college boat races this year will attract more than usual attention from persons who are interested in such matters. Since Yale and Harvard withdrew from the Inter-collegiate Rowing Association, after having decided that they did not like to be beaten, except in an exclusive way by each other, their crews have won three races each. This year the contest is the rubber. Yale, Harvard and Columbia now have their men in vigorous training. The crews are better than they were last season. Each has several men who have rowed in races before, and who are therefore well-seasoned for the four miles' course which takes the "tuck" out of fresh oarsmen. Yale has not had the advantages of a "coach" this year, and her stroke is said to have changed. The men have adopted some other new methods of rowing and they also have a new boat of which they expect wonders. But they only defeated Harvard by one boat's length the last time, and, when so much is at issue as there is at this coming race, they might well have postponed experiments. It is to be hoped that Harvard men will show more interest this year than they did last in the race that comes off on next Saturday at New London between their crew and one from Columbia. It is likely to be a pretty contest."

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