The Advocate will be out Friday.

The gymnasium was open last evening.

The last day for paying the first college bill of the year is Jan. 12th.

The Glee Club has invitations to sing in Malden and in New Bedford.

A new tabular view of freshman recitations from January to June has been issued.

Now that the annuals are approaching, the business of tutoring will soon prove lucrative.

In Physics 3 the next text book used will be Tait's "Recent Advances in Physical Science."

Mr. E. Y. Cohen, '81, is the New York correspondent for the San Francisco Evening Post.

Eighty per cent. was required for freshmen to gain admittance to the advanced Latin section.

At the junior opening of the Pi Eta the play "He is Not Such a Fool as He Looks" will be given.

Few students were present at chapel Tuesday morning. The responsive reading was scarcely audible.

The Glee Club and Sodality concert is universally praised. The two societies were never in better condition.

Mr. Perry, in his Tuesday lectures on English Literature, will continue the subject of "Swift" for several lectures.

It seems that entry thieves are around again. A very valuable overcoat was stolen from a room in Hilton block a few days ago.

An '82 man, "dropped" in his freshman year, told his friends, when asked his rank in the class, that he was the first man in '83.

Mr. Mellen is now giving about eighty lessons a week in sparring at the gymnasium, while the instructor in fencing has half a dozen pupils.