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Cut in Sophomore Rhetoric yesterday.

There will be no lecture in History 11 Thursday.

The marks have been given out in French 5 and Italian 1.

The freshman editors of the Acta Columbiana will be elected today.

Remember that the last symphony concert takes place this evening.

Yale's winter meetings occur in the gymnasium, March 1st and 4th.

The first exhibition of the Yale Athletic Association takes place in their gymnasium today.

There will be the annual convention of the Phi Delta Phi fraternity at the University of Michigan today.

It is reported that the faculty of Yale will hereafter forbid the junior promenade, on the ground that it is too expensive.

Col. George E. Waring has planned a new system of drainage for the Yale College grounds which will free the dormitories from bad air. [World.

Mr. Davis gave a very interesting description of volcanoes yesterday afternoon in U. 4. A large number of maps and views were on exhibition.

Remenyi gives a concert at the Ann Arbor Opera House this evening, and afterwards will probably be serenaded by his admirers in the university.

The Rev. Dr. A. V. G. Allen will give one of his Lenten discourses on "The Historical Growth of the Apostles' Creed" before the St. Paul's Society this evening at 7.

A large crowd, that completely filled the meeting-room of the gymnasium, listened to Dr. Sargent's lecture yesterday. The next lecture will probably be given in Sever 11.

They say an alligator is incapable of nausea. At least they fed one on bread made by a Vassar College girl and his jaws were strong enough to bite it and it did not make him sick.-[Post.

English 6. A dispatch has been received from Hon. John C. Ropes of Boston, inviting the members of English 6 to a conference on the subject of their debate tomorrow, this evening at eight o'clock, at 53 Temple street.

Is this a College? Yes, this is a Gall-age (pat. applied for). What does a College consist of? A Gym-na-si-um, a Fac-ul-ty and An E-lec-tive Sys-tem. Is the College rich? No, the College is poor, So poor that it can-not Provide Chairs for its Professors and So they are obliged to Sit on the Students.

During its first year's work last year the Society for Political Education has received fees from 1500 members. Seven auxiliary societies have been established, of which two are in connection with colleges. The course of reading for next year will include Blanqui's "History of Political Economy," Jevon's "Money and Mechanism of Exchange" and Mill on "Liberty."

The Tech grieves because donors of gifts to colleges "naturally, perhaps not always wisely, select an old and famous seat of learning as the recipient of their bequest. Nowhere is the dictum, 'Unto him that hath, it shall be given,' more exactly true than in respect to college funds. The few thousands and the library of John Harvard have yielded a return of honor beyond the power of any succeeding legacy."

MANTEL MIRRORS.-This branch of manufacturing is now carried on extensively in Boston at PAINE'S. They also are importers of gilt and bronze frames from Italy and France. Some very fine heavy carved frames in Florentine gold leaf have been put in their ware-rooms on Canal street, opposite Boston and Maine depot.

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