Plank walks have recently been placed the whole length of Everett street.

"'The patent safe game,' a device of sharpers : particulars wanted," is among the notes and queries at the library. It is still unanswered.

The following-named are the candidates for the junior crew : Perin, Baxter, Keith, Hubbard, Binney, Smyth, H. N. Hall, Getchell, S. Coolidge, Fox, Winthrop, Sessions; Burch, captain.

The following are the candidates for the senior crew : Hoyt, Sherwood, Crehore, Perkins, Babcock, Jennings and Kane. Captain Dean is now at home, sick, and Crehore is the temporary captain.

Our first exchange - the Tech - arrived by this morning's mail. It is extremely well written, its typographical appearance is perfect, and it contains a good full page heliotype of W. B. Rogers. Long life to the Tech.


The last number of the Acta fairly bristled with sarcasm on the N. Y. Sun and abuse of its literary taste. The cause of the explosion was a severe criticism in the Sun of a certain sentimental, rather "gushy" sonnet on love and the tender passions, that appeared in a late number of the Acta.

The result of the vote on the debate in English 6 yesterday was on the merits of the question : Affirmative, 2; negative, 15. On the merits of the argument : Affirmative, 4; negative, 9. The question for next time is, "Resolved that it is expedient for the United States to take measures looking to the abrogation of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty." Affirmative : Messrs. Snow, Warner, Storer. Negative : Messrs. Oxnard, Barlow, Panin.

A recent writer says in regard to the girl of today, "Complain and find fault as we may, we must acknowledge that the modern miss is after all, a pretty nice institution, and one that we wouldn't care to part with. Why grumble at their vanity, you silly fellow, when you are the only one to profit by it? If they dress well, talk well, even flirt just a little bit, we don't care about having them any different than they really are, and with all due regard for our grandmothers, we say, God bless the girls of today, and keep them as they are"