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Col. Bancroft, on being interviewed yesterday afternoon by a HERALD representative, expressed himself as follows concerning the Harvard-Columbia race: "There are three good reasons why Harvard did not row at the time insisted upon by Columbia. In the first place, we had named a fair time for the race, and, as far as courses were concerned, our men, who thought the conditions of the two courses equal, were perfectly willing to exchange with the Columbia men, had they known that the latter crew thought that there was any difference in the courses. In the second place, our men wanted to get away. And, thirdly, our men were unwilling to sacrifice their personal conveniences for the reasons given by Columbia, (which, by the way, are mentioned in Mr. Baylies' statement) which appeared contradictory and trivial. As to the agreement to row at half ebb tide, I think no such agreement existed, for, as you are well aware, there must be two parties to an agreement, and neither Captain Hammond or I knew anything about it. Moreover, I think, speaking of this agreement, whatever it was, that being verbal and off-hand, and no record of it being made, certain points in it, perhaps, were forgotten or overlooked by both parties, and hence the misunderstanding. I think, too, that the Harvard crew should be credited with having acted in good faith throughout the whole proceeding, for when they left New London (as is mentioned in the official statement) they firmly believed that the race had been given up. The crew has been pretty severely handled in the Columbia papers, and, in my opinion, such mud slinging is not characteristic of gentlemen."

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