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At the second convention of the Inter-Collegiate Lacrosse Association at Harvard on the 22d of last month, it will be remembered, a constitution was adopted and the rules hitherto in use were considerably altered. The following are some of the important changes : A clause was inserted in the constitution providing for the expulsion from the association of any club which persists in ungentlemanly conduct in playing. An effectual provision was made against any repetition of the block-game, which nearly proved so disastrous to the foot-ball interests. Formerly a club could mass its players before the goal, and with an almost solid wall of crosses and men easily prevent a goal from being thrown. Thus the play would be protracted and an uninteresting game would be the result. Now the ??? is empowered when darkness comes on to give the game, in case of a tie, to the side which has shown the best play. This, perhaps, may seem to give too much power to the referee, but will effectually put a stop to the block-game.

A careful list of foul plays, and the penalty for making them, was adopted. If either side makes a total of six fouls during a game, one player is to be dropped from that side. After considerable discussion, the small ball was adopted. This is size No. 40 of the American Rubber Co.

All receipts at any game are to go to the home club. This is intended as an incentive for procuring as large audiences as possible, and is perfectly fair, as the schedule is arranged so that each club plays two games at home and two away. The dates of the matches have not yet been decided upon, but it is probable that Princeton and Yale will play here this spring, and Harvard will go on to New York to play with New York University and Columbia.

Provision was also made in case of short-handed games. It will be remembered that a good deal of unfavorable comment was made last fall because the New York Lacrosse Club came on here with only seven men. It was decided that no game should count unless played by at least nine men on a side, and this only in case of unavoidable circumstances. Rules were adopted for supplying places made vacant by the removal of players injured during the game. It is to be hoped that these rules will be effectual in preventing any abuses from creeping into the game, and that they will tend to strengthen its already increasing popularity.


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