The track will be ready for use this afternoon.

Second trial of candidates for the Glee Club this evening.

There are twenty graduates of Harvard on the staff of the New York Sun.

The section in Natural History 4 are to be seated alphabetically hereafter.

All those who have keys to lockers in the training room should return them at once.


Brown University wants to play our eleven a game under English association rules.

Mr. Whiting will conduct Professor Trowbridge's classes during the latter's absence in Europe.

The foot-ball team will be measured for new uniforms at the gymnasium this evening at half-past seven.

It is said that a volume of poems and translations from the pen of C. H. Holman, '82, is soon to be published.

The lockers in the training room will all be put in order and let to members of the H. A. A. desiring to use them.

Prof. J. K. Paine's Spring Symphony is to be performed at an early concert of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Society, under the direction of Theodore Thomas.

Freshmen who intend to enter in the athletic meeting of the 25th must join the H. A. A. either Thursday or Monday next at 36 Thayer between 9 and 10 A. M.

In the fall meeting of the H. A. A. all the races, except the open 100 yards dash, will finish in front of the spectators' seats, i. e., at the east end of the field.

The business hours of the secretary of the cricket club are from 12 to 1, Holworthy 10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Subscription, with shingle, $2.25.

The excursion in Natural History 4, which was to go to Quincy Saturday, was postponed on account of the weather. The excursion will take place next Saturday.