The class games have opened remarkably well.

Sophomore Themes are due today in Sever 3, at 2 P. M.

Moses King is about to issue a volume of "Concord Lectures."

Seventeen names were down for the crew dinner (for tonight) last evening.

Sanger and Bryant of '83 have been elected members of the Hasty Pudding Club.


Perry Belmont, a Harvard graduate, has been renominated for Congress by acclamation.

The hour of the fall meeting of the H. A. A. has been changed from 2 P. M. to 2.30 P. M.

It is possible that the foot-ball team will arrange for a game with Amherst next Saturday.

Mr. F. H. Sargent, late of Harvard, has entered upon his duties at the Madison Square Theatre, where he is dramatic director.

Those freshmen who have not been able to join the Athletic Association may do so today (Tuesday) between 2 and 3 P. M., at 36 Thayer.

The engagement of Prof. Wm. Hale of Cornell University, and formerly tutor at Harvard, and Miss Swinburne of Newport, R. I., is announced.

The cricket eleven are requested to be on the cricket field at 3 P. M. today, in order to practice for the match game with the Lawrence Cricket Club tomorrow.

It was agreed by the captains of the sophomore and junior nines before the game yesterday, that unless seven innings were played the game was not to count.

School of Arms. Fencing lessons - the foils, single-stick, sabre - by Prof. Ch. Kapell, of Royal University, Berlin, Germany. Social Union Gymnasium, Brattle square. Call from 2 to 7 P. M.

Yale is seriously thinking of organizing a Co-operative Society. A junior writes, after asking about the association at Harvard : "If it will pay us for the trouble, I think we can start one here at Yale."