The general attendance at the meeting yesterday was considerably lessened by the foot-ball game, but the freshmen turned out in good numbers and gave their representatives a cordial reception. Taking everything into consideration, the event may be set down as very successful, both with regard to the number of entries and the interest aroused. Mr. Baker won the admiration of all by his beautiful running, and showed himself a worthy successor to his cousin, Mr. Evert Wendell. His time cannot be taken as a criterion of what he is capable of, since in none of the events in which he competed was he pressed very hard.

In the first heat of the 100-yards dash the entries were A. E. Lawrence, F. T. Cooper, D. C. Clark and L. Lincoln, Jr. Clark won in 11 1/4 sec. In the second heat Baker won over H. G. Locke and S. Cary. Time, 10 1/2 sec. R. D. Smith won the third heat in 11 sec., his only competitor being E. S. Churchill.

The one-mile walk was not contested, W. H. Cole being the only entry.

There were two entries in the half-mile run, F. C. Weld and J. D. Bradley. The latter won easily in 2 min. 21 sec.

The final heat of the hundred-yards dash came next, and was well contested by Baker, Clark and Smith, the winner of the previous heats. Baker won in 10 1/2 sec.


R. H. Delafield, C. Guild, S. Coolidge and G. B. Somers were entered for the mile run, and all completed the distance. Delafield won. Time, 5 min. 12 sec.

A. E. Lawrence was the only entry for the hurdle race.

The contestants in the quarter-mile run were H. G. Locke, W. Baker, G. Bradford and S. Penrose. Baker won in 59 1/2 sec., with Bradford a good second.

In the running broad jump L. Lincoln, Jr., beat W. A. Stebbins, covering 18 ft.

In the running high jump the bar was started at 3 ft. 11 1/2 in. J. C. Faulkner was the first man to drop out, and he was followed by Cary and Kimball in the order given. There was a stubborn contest between W. A. Stebbins and D. C. Clark, the former finally winning with a record of 5 ft. 1 1/2 in.

The last event on the programme was the 220 yards dash, which was won by Baker in 25 1/2 sec. Penrose was his only competitor.

The officers of the course were: Referee. Dr. D. A. Sargent; time-keepers, Messrs. M. S. Crehore and R. D. Sears; starter, Mr. T. J. Coolidge, Jr.; clerk of the course, Mr. W. M. Burr.