The fall meeting of the H. A. A. took place Saturday afternoon, and was very largely attended. The weather was all that could be desired, the management perfect, and the events well filled and as a rule closely contested. Much credit is due to President Lowell and his assistants for the promptness with which the several events were called, and for the general excellence of the arrangements. Although no records were broken some good time was made. Mr. Baker sustained the reputation which he made for himself in his class meeting and could undoubtedly have made better time in all of the events for which he entered had he been pressed.

The first event of the afternoon was the one mile walk which proved one of the most exciting contests of the afternoon. Indeed it is doubtful if a closer walking match ever occurred upon the grounds. There were five entries: F. B. Fogg, '85; C. A. Brown, '86; S. H. Blodgett, '84; D. W. Baxter, '83; and W. H. Cole, '86. Fogg started off at a rattling pace and was immediately cautioned by the referee. He got a good lead in the first lap which he was unable long to maintain, and he was passed on the 3d lap by Baxter and Brown. The latter took the lead from Baxter in the 4th lap, which he held till the finish, winning handily in 8 min. 59 sec. Baxter and Blodgett were almost even for second place but the judges gave the latter the place. Baxter was three, Fogg four and Cole five. Baxter deserves mention for the fine form and perfect fairness of his walking. Blodgett also walked in good form. The best college record for the mile walk is 7 min. 4 4-5 sec.

There were only two entries in the next event - throwing the hammer - A. C. Denniston, '83, and C. M. Field, '84. The former won, with a record of 67 ft. Field covered 65 ft. 6 in.

W. H. Goodwin, Jr., '84, won the first heat of the 100 yards dash (11 sec. limit) R. D. Smith being second. Time not taken S. Cary won the second heat in 11 1/4 sec. A. H. Morris, S. S., second, and W. A. Stebbins, '86, third.

G. B. Morison, '83, won the running high jump over A. C. Denniston, '83, and W. A. Stebbins, '86, with a record of 5 ft. 3 in. Messrs. Denniston and Stebbins did not jump off for second place.


The next event was the 120 yards hurdle race, which was closely contested by H. F. Mandell, '84, G. R. Agassiz, '84, and S. Cary, '86. Agassiz and Cary took the hurdles almost together, but the latter spurted at the end and won in 19 1/8 sec.; Agassiz second.

Goodwin won the final heat of the 100 yards dash in 10 5/8 sec.; Cary second and Smith third.

In the half-mile run the entries were G. B. Morison, '83, P. L. Livingston, '85, and J. D. Bradley, '86. Morison took the lead at the start, and held it without difficulty, winning the race in 2 min. 8 sec.; Livingston second.

In the 100 yards dash (unlimited) G. R. Agassiz, '84, and W. Baker, '86, were the only starters. The latter won easily in 11 1/8 sec.

H. F. Mandell, '84, won the running broad jump, covering 18 ft. His only competitor was L. Lincoln, Jr., '86, who covered 17 ft. 2 in.

Baker added another to his list of victories in the 220 yards dash, beating Stebbins, '86, and Chase, '83. Time, 28 1/8 sec.

There were four entries for the mile run - R. H. Delafield, S. S., J. B. Walker, '84, S. Coolidge, '86, and W. H. Page, Jr., '83. Page took the lead at the start, closely followed by Walker, Delafield and Coolidge in the order given. This position was maintained until the fifth lap, when Delafield spurted and drew away from the rest with ease. He finished in 5 min. 17 1/4 sec. Walker was second and Coolidge third. Page drew out of the race on the fifth lap.

T. C. Batchelder, '83, put the shot 29 ft., beating Denniston and Fuller, both of '83.

In the quarter-mile run L. R. E. Paulin, '83, took the lead at the start, but after a pretty spurt he was passed by W. Baker, '86, and W. F. Wesselhoeft, '84. Baker won in 55 sec. G. C. Bradford, '86, finished last.

H. F. Mandell, '84, and H. E. Chase, '83, were the only entries for the pole vault. The former won with a record of 7 ft. 10 in.

There were no entries for the 100 and 220 yards dashes, open only to members of the foot-ball team. A one-fifth of a mile hurdle race, open to all, was therefore substituted for these two events, and was very amusing, there being about fifty starters. It was won by Morris, S. S.

The officers of the course were: Referee, Dr. Dudley A. Sargent; Judges, Prof. Charles R. Lanman, Prof. John W. White, Mr. E. W. Atkinson, '81; Time-keepers, Mr. Morton S. Crehore, '82, E. E. Merrill; Starter, Mr. T. J. Coolidge, Jr., '84; Measurers, Mr. Henry B. Cabot, '83, Mr. John E. Thayer, '85; Scorer, Mr. Charles H. Atkinson, '85; Clerk of the Course, Mr. W. M. Burr, '84; Assistant Clerk of the Course, Mr. A. T. French, '85.