The scratch races between four freshman eights were rowed Saturday at 12.30. The weather and water were favorable to a successful race, and the contest consequently proved very interesting. The attendance of spectators was large, although the freshmen themselves did not turn out in such large numbers as might have been expected. The crews were made up as follows :

I., old '82 barge. - Atherton, bow; 2, Penrose; 3, Chadburn; 4, Locke; 5, Upham; 6, Lincoln; 7, Adams; stroke, Hartley; cox., C. P. Curtis '83.

II., '85 barge. - Bow, Cobb; 2, Barton; 3, Codman; 4, Guild; 5, Hamlin; 6, Austin; 7, Foote; stroke, Harris; cox., Whiteside, '85.

III., '83 barge. - Bow, Littauer; 2, Cole; 3, Loeser; 4, Fish; 5, Weld; 6, Gordon; 7, Smith; stroke, Delafield; cox., Sanger, '83.

IV., '84 barge. - Bow, Reynolds; 2, Dewey; 3, Lovering; 4, Scott; 5, Barnes; 6, Borland; 7, Ames; stroke, Cabot; cox., Davis, '84.


Before the start each of the crews rowed over the course once, and thus all acquired some slight practice in rowing together. The race would undoubtedly have been more amusing if this had not taken place.

At the start I. and II. immediately caught the water ahead of III. and IV., but when fifteen strokes had been rowed the positions were III., IV., I., II., and at the lower end of the boat house, III., IV., II., I. When abreast of the boat house it was seen that III. was gaining at every stroke. At the finish the positions stood III., IV., I., II., III. winning by a half-length over IV. IV. finished, however, only a quarter-length ahead of I., and I. coming in a full length ahead of II. No time was taken. The rowing of the crews as a rule was very excellent, considering the total lack of experience, and it would seem from the indications of this race that a very fine crew might be selected from '86. The starters were Messrs. S. Kemp and Storrow. Judges at the finish, Messrs. G. M. Davis and H. B. Cabot.