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The college sadly needs a yard policeman, whose duty it shall be to look after the yard and fields. The college yard is fast becoming a grand playground for Cambridge infant muckerdom. Exciting bicycle races between ten-year-olders on squeaking, rattling "machines," eliciting shrill yells from their mucker audience, are not soothing to the nervous systems of the inhabitants of ground floor rooms. We all know what a nuisance the muckers are when a concert or anything else is going on in the yard, and how annoying they are when we wish to lie around under the trees in warm weather. We have in mind certain tennis courts on the north side of Jarvis that were almost ruined by the wear and tear of mucker ball games. The muckers hold full sway; they annoy us at every step, sometimes because we, forsooth, are in their way, and sometimes with malice aforethought.

Now an active, energetic policeman could stop all this. It might be a hard fight at first, but in a few months the thing would be accomplished. We happen to know that at Princeton there is a man for this purpose, and that the mucker nuisance does not exist there. Such a man could also take charge of the police force at all games, and see that the crowds are kept out-which certainly has never been done yet. Successful thefts have been made through the windows of ground floor rooms, and it is a wonder there are not more; these would be checked by the presence of a good man in the yard. We do not want a policeman who shall exercise at all the functions of a proctor with the students-that would do more harm than good. But we do need a policeman who shall enforce our right to inhabit peacefully our yard and our fields, who shall make outsiders "move on" and who shall deliver us of this mucker nuisance.

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