There are now 284 students at Smith College, six of whom are post-graduates.

There are 170 colleges in the United States where both sexes are admitted as students.

The title of Gilbert and Sullivan's new opera has been changed from "Perola" to "Iolanthe."

That form of entertainment known as a six days' go-as-you-please pedestrian match has died a natural death. - [R. I. P.

The New York law of elections reads "that no person attending any university or seat of learning in the State shall gain or lose a residence."


Williams College is taking steps towards a reformation. Thirteen freshmen were recently expelled for too free driving of the horse. - [Ex.

The Brown freshmen have organized a strong base-ball nine and intend to play next spring, if possible; with the freshmen of the leading colleges.

Nimmo & Bain are about to issue a new library edition of Dr. Lingard's "History of England," in ten volumes, octavo, with all the copyright additions.

Mr. John Addington Symonds, whose "Studies of the Greek Poets" is well known, is engaged on a collection of "Studies of the Elizabethan Dramatists."

A volume by J. D. Whitney, professor of geology at Harvard, on "Climatic Changes of Later Geological Times," has just been published by Little, Brown & Co.