Pattison's plurality in Pennsylvania is 35,850.

Cleveland's majority in New York is estimated at 194,000.

The Republican majority on the State ticket in Iowa is 30,000.

Chas. McDonald of St. Louis has been arrested on a charge of blackmailing Kate Claxton, the actress.

In New Hampshire 230 towns give Hale (Rep.) 38,063; Edgerly (Dem.) 36,814. Only three more towns to hear from.


The last flat race and hunter's steeple chase of the Country Club will take place this afternoon at Clyde Park, Brookline.

A ridiculous statement is circulating in the English papers of Asia to the effect that the Japanese and American governments have formed a friendly alliance against Corea.

Eighty persons have been arrested for participating in the rioting at Nuebau and Josefstadt, near Vienna, Wednesday. A number of them have been sentenced to prison.

The one hundred and nineteenth call of bonds of the five per cent. funded loan of 1881, continued at three and one-half per cent. from Aug. 12, 1881, has been issued by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The case of the United States against "Bill" Jones, who is charged with attempting to kill Guiteau by shooting at him, was called in the Criminal Court at Washington yesterday.

John McMahon and John C. Daly, the wrestlers, have signed articles of agreement to wrestle either in New York, Boston or Philadelphia, four weeks from date, for $250 a side.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 11, 1. A. M. For New England, partly cloudy weather, occasional rain, variable winds, shifting to easterly, stationary or lower temperature, rising followed by falling barometer.